PRIOR TO ORDERING ANY ITEM, please feel free to send an email with any questions or concerns
you may have.  Email sjmstmp@aol.com.  Prices quoted are in U.S. Currency and do not include any
potential additional costs (i.e, shipping, handling, insurance, etc.).

METHODS OF PAYMENT:  Check, Money Orders and Paypal are accepted.  Unfortunately, credit
cards cannot be accepted at this time.  A ten day waiting period is applicable for payments made by
check in order to allow for bank clearing time.  Applicable fees will be charged for returned checks.  
Personal checks should be made payable to Steven J. Meadow.

PROCESSING/SHIPPING/RETURN POLICIES:  All orders must be placed via email.  Forward email to
sjmstmp@aol.com.  In your email, please include the following:

1)        the item you wish to purchase, including any description, inventory or item number, etc.
2)        an address where the item is to be shipped, including phone number.
3)        the method of payment you will be using (i.e. Paypal, check, etc.).

You will receive an email within one to three business days, confirming your order was received, what
the total cost of your purchase is (applicable taxes, shipping, insurance will be included).  If you
indicate payment will be made by check or money order, the item will be held for a maximum of seven
calendar days.  If payment is not received by the seventh day, the item will be returned to inventory.  
Once payment is received, and after personal forms of payment have cleared the appropriate
accounts, your order will be shipped within one to three business days thereafter.  Unless otherwise
agreed upon, all items are shipped via United States Postal Service.  IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
insurance is purchased as the buyer assumes responsibility for items damaged or lost during delivery.  

Shipping fees may vary depending on size and destination of the item purchased.

All items sold are guaranteed to be as described.  Buyers have a three day inspection period from date
of receipt, in which to inspect the purchase.  If deemed unsatisfactory, return the purchased item.  
Please send an email indicating the reason for dissatisfaction.  Items must be returned insured and in
same condition as when sold.  A full refund, less postage, insurance and/or any other costs that are
buyers responsibility, will be remitted to purchaser after the item has been received and inspected.  
Please return the purchase promptly.  Items not returned within seven calendar days (inclusive of
buyer three day inspection period) will not be refunded.  No item will be refunded if it is returned
damaged or altered in any way.

MAJOR PURCHASES:  Payment plans can be discussed on higher priced items.  Depending on the
purchase, a minimum (either flat dollar amount or percentage of purchase price) deposit of the
purchase price may be required.  No purchase will be shipped to buyer until item is paid in full or as
agreed between seller and buyer.  If payment in full is not received within the agreed upon time frame,
the deposit may be forfeited and the item returned to inventory for resale.

No restocking fees are charged.  All information submitted is deemed confidential.  No personal
information is ever released to any third party, individual or organization.

Contact Us

Please contact us with any questions about the material on the site or other inventory we may have in stock.


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