Official US Commission as Brevet Major to officer Charles P Horton for excellent officering during the battles of South Mtn, Antietam, Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.  Stamps signed by President Andrew Johnson, and hand
signed by Edwin Stanton.  Hasn’t been unfolded for 150 years, inks are very bright and readable and document is very clean.,  Horton from the 2nd Mass was a staff officer during the  War on the Staffs of General George S Greene among others, playing a notable part during the war.  


Framed Union Document, HQ 1st Pa Light Artillery 3/12/64 signed by Colonel
Robert West.  West served in the 7th US Cavalry post Civil War with Custer.  
“Robert Mayhew West himself had an interesting career. He was an engineer
before the Civil War; was commissioned Captain, battery G, 1st Pennsylvania,
Light Artillery, in April 1861; was promoted to Major 15 Sep 1861, and to
Colonel 28 Jul 1862. Transferred as Colonel to the 5th Pennsylvania Cav-
alry in April 1864, he remained thenceforth a Cavalry officer, and was made a
Brevet Brigadier General later in 1864. He participated in all the action of the
Army of the Potomac, and remained in the Army after the War, reverting to
the rank of Colonel, and after the armed forces were reduced in size,
becoming Captain of the celebrated U.S. 7th Cavalry in the Indian Territory.
There was some trouble here, and Captain West was suspended from duty 3
Feb 1868, “for drunkenness” (not unusual at a Western Army Post), and he
resigned from service early in 1869.


Fascinating Union Document listing the commander of Artillery in the Army of
the Potomac on May 30th 1863 just after the battle of Chancellorsville and
just before Gettysburg.  Document is autographed by Chief of Artillery Henry
Hunt with rank on the verso.  Rare.


Rare War Date Sept 1862 ALS by Irish Brigade Commander Thomas Francis
Meagher in his bold handwriting.  4 pages in total.


Interesting War ALS by Ambrose Burnside Major General IX Corps, Dated
April 6th, 1864, cannot make out location.  “Chas E Allen, I take great
pleasure in sending you autographs as requested.  I am always to do
anything in my power to aid your noble commission in its quest and good
work.  Sincerely yours A E Burnside Maj Gen’l”  I assume Mr Allen’s
commission was raising funds by selling autographs of famous Union Soldiers
for Charity work.  Neat.


Interesting Letter from Stephen L Mershon recommending Sgt Henry Squires
of the 81st NYVI for promotion from Sergent to Lt. High comments “This
young man on the first call for troops left a lucrative occupation , placed
himself at once under Military discapline of Col Ed Rose..he fights for the
Restoration of the Union and the Supremacy of the Constitution. He has
ambition, character and military capacity…”.  Endorsed by General McClellan
on May 6, 1864.   He recieved the promotion and eventually made Captain.


1863 Document for the 12th Pennsylvania Reserves autographed by Colonel
BBG Joseph W Fisher.


Wonderful Field copy of the Army of the Cumberland General Order No. 231,
dated October 10, 1863 (month after the battle of Chickamauga) announcing
“The following changes in the Staff of the Major General commanding are
published for the information of the Army.  Brig Gen’l J A Garfield has been
chosen by his fellow citizens to represent them in the councils of the Nation,  
His high intelligence, spotless integrity, business capacity an thorough
acquaintance with the wants of the Army will render his services, if possible,
more valuable to the country in Congress than with us.  Reluctantly yielding to
this consideration, the General commanding relieves him from duty as Chief
of Staff.  In doing so, he returns his thanks to Gen’l Garfield for the invaluable
assistance he has rendered him by wise councils and assiduous labors as
well as for his gallantry, good judgement and efficiency at the Battle of
Chickamauga”  By command of Major General Rosecrans, signed by C
Goddard AAG.”  A period Copy from the Army of the Cumberland in the
field announcing that future President James Garfield will be leaving
the Army for Congress.  Very rare document of importance about a
major figure in our history.


1864 Union Document Transmittal Page with script and Autographs of the
Following Generals and Officers; Marsena Patrick, Seth Williams, Colonel
George Sharpe head of Secret Service, Captain Paul Oliver Prov Marshall,
and several others.  


1864 VI Corps Army of the Potomac Document dated April 25th 1864
autographed by General John Sedgwick their commander who would be killed
shortly thereafter at the battle of Spottsylvania CH.


Large March 1864 Document from the Staff of General Henry M Judah signed
by Judah, and Lt James Bailey.  Judah one of the few members of the Jewish
Religion to reach high rank in the Civil War Army.


3 Pge ALS by Famed Irish Brigade Commander Thomas Francis Meagher.
HQ Irish Brigade Sept 8th  1862 3 days before the Battle of Antietam.  “
Thomas F. Meagher Autograph Letter Signed. Two and one-half pages, 8″ x
10″, “Head Quarters Irish Brigade . . . Fort Defiance, near Rockville, Md.,”
September 8, 1862. Gen. Meagher here writes to acting assistant adjutant
general Col. Francis M. Rotch regarding the commissions of two men. Of the
first Meagher remarks: “I no longer believe that Capt Gallwey . . . should have
any commission in this brigade. Capt Gallwey, whilst on my staff, proved
himself in every engagement we had with the enemy, and on other occasions,
an unqualified coward, and utterly unworthy in other respects of having the
command of soldiers.” He continues by stating that it would “exceedingly
gratify me to have the vacancy, caused by the resignation of 1st Lieut Phillip
O’Hanlon . . . filled by an accomplished young friend of mine, a son of Samuel
Neil . . . I forget his Christian name. . . . He is a highly educated, high-spirited
young gentleman, and has had sound military training.” Docketed on the
verso of the third page. Lightly toned along the folds which show some
separation at the edges.


Union Document Autographed by Generals George H Sharpe Secret Service,
Marsena Patrick, Seth Williams, a bunch of Captains at Grant’s HQ City Point
Va in 1864.


Union General John Sedgwick KIA Spottsylvania CH autograph on a Letter of
Capt James H Platt Jr document.


Colonel and future General James C Rice 44th NYVI ALS dated 4/8/63.  
Interesting letter trying to get rid of Lt Adsit in the Regiment.  Two pages
signed in period ink.  Rice defended Little Round Top and was killed at
Spottsylvania CH in 1865.


Wonderful Confederate document from 1863 made out to
former US Secy of the Interior under Buchanan Jacob
Thompson for a Horse.  Thompson who became famous
as Confederate Spy in Canada who hatched plots to
free prisoners from Johnson’s Island OH and to burn
NY City among other various assorted plots served in
the Confederate Govt. 
as a Civilian and volunteer Aide to

PGT Beuarigard at Shiloh.  Thompson fled to England after
the war to escape retribution but eventually moved back to the
US after passions had calmed down.  Rare autograph of the
famous spy on the bottom in reciept of the payment. Darker
areas caused by glue between the two pages.  Much nicer
looking in person.  Rare.


Letter by former Confederate General and US Politician Roger
Pryor dated 1883.  He is responding to a request for a view of
himself in uniform and stating he knows where a non
uniformed view like above can be had.  Interesting that I have
never seen a uniformed view of him either.


Ultra Rare document with autograph of Confederate General
Basil Duke dated in 1864 from Newmarket Tennessee Nov
23rd.  Granting a leave of absence and signed by several
other officers.