Autographed Carte of Commodore Charles Stewart 1778-1869.  " an
officer in the United States Navy who commanded a number of US
Navy ships, including USS Constitution. He saw service during the
Quasi War and both Barbary Wars in Mediterranean along North
Africa and the War of 1812. He later commanded the navy yard in
Philadelphia and was the promoted to become the Navy's first flag
officer shortly before retiring. He was promoted to rear admiral after
he retired from the Navy. He lived a long life and was the last surviving
Navy captain who had served in the War of 1812."j Autographed on
the front with an Anthony/Brady bm.
Double autographed CDV of Vice Admiral David G Farragut, signed
on both front and back.  Back has rank also.  Foremost Federal Naval
Commander in the Civil War.
CDV of Captain John Worden USN who commanded the Monitor in
her famous battle with the CSS Virginia.  Backmark by Lewis NY.
Rare CDV of Commander John P Bankhead, Captain of the USS
Monitor and commander when the ship was lost in a storm off of Cape
Hatteras NC in December of 1862.  Original Brady CDV.  
Autographed Carte of Admiral David Dixon Porter, second most
famous Union Civil War Naval officer after his half Brother Farragutt.  
Fought in most of the famous actions of the war including the
Mississippi against Vicksburg, New Orleans and along the Atlantic
coast.  Brady bm and scarce in signed images.
Autographed cart of Commander John Winslow, who commanded the
USS Kearsarge in its battle against the CSS Alabama off the coast of
France late in the War.  Anthony bm.
Double signed image of David Farragutt Union Commander at New
Orleans, Vicksburg and Mobile Bay where he uttered his famous
phrase, "Damn the torpedoes full steam ahead" by Brady.