Wonderful letter by a Killed in Action original "Bucktail" of Kane's 1st Rifles,
the 42nd Pa Vols.  Written in Va in 1862, some of the better commentary
"Enclosed you will find phtoographs of Major Generals McClellin, McDowell,
McCall, Reynolds, and Colonel Thomas Kane (wish I had one now)
commandant of the 1st  rifle regiment PRVC.  Lt Col and Col. Kane and
McNeill commands the regiment in which I am and this regiment isin the
Brigadier General Reynolds Brigade, McCalls Division, is in McDowells Army
Corp and General McClellin commands the whole United States Army.  I
suppose you have before this received the $5.00 I send to you and send me
my thread and post stamps.  I did not receive them yet but expect to get them
this week.  We had very heavy rains for the 2 and 3 days but today it is fair
again.  News from this quarter is unimportant.  My best wish's to you all.  I am
well and hope you all are the same.  Write soon and address as before Jos.
Schelly Comp F 1st Rifles PVRC  etc"  Wonderful letter where Private Schelly
is sending home carte de visites of his commanding officers up through the
head of the army.   Unfortunately Private Schelly would be killed two months
later in the battle of Charleston Cross Roads Va where his unit was fighting
Stonewall Jacksons troops in the Valley.    Wonderful content and history.
Wonderful correspondence from Bvt Brigadier General John Corson Smith
and General Frederick Grant son of US Grant about Grant's character. In
response to a speech made by Secy of War Taft (future President) Smith
writes to Grant on June 1 1908 "Dear General Grant, What moral Secratary
Taft intended to illustrate in speaking of as he did of your
Sainted father I do
not know and he fails to tell.  General Sherman in 1895 at San Francisco
personally told me of the incident which preceeded you Father's resignation.  
It was no more than any of us have seen more than once in our Army or Civil
life and forgotten the next day unless called to mind as a "gay time" or a
"good time" by some one who had been present.  Suche reference to the
honored dead only bring to light thise qualities which place their memories
and great deeds for beyond thei defamation of thoughtless slanderers.  
Autographed John C Smith.  

Frederick Grant returns General Smith's letter with one of his own June 6th
1908 My Dear General Smith, Please accept my very great thanks for your
kind letter, which I deeply appreciate as I do all your expressions in honor of
my dear Fathers memory.  With respected thanks for your thoughts of our
and with my warm regards of your family in which Mrs Grant joins , Sincerely
Your Frederick S Grant autographed.   

Comes with many paper clips of the Taft Speech talking about Grant's
drinking and resignation from the army.   Great history on Ulysese S Grant.