Two page Document on HQ 2nd Division, II Corps Letterhead from Gershom
Mott to an un-named Union Captain.  9/10/64 in pencil in Mott's hand
"Captain, the enemy has recovered a small port of the pits taken from this AM
with a few prisoners.  On the right of the plan road the Col commanding the
Regiment advanced his line farther than was intended mistaking in the dark
once certain tree for another and instead of taking up a new line on the crest
of the ravine he occupied the pits from which he had driven the enemy, these
they have re-occupied. I can without doubt establish the line on the crest at
that place tonight, it is now disputed ground and constant firing is kept up.  
Until this exception, the new line is complete.  On the left of the plank road it
is well established and on the crest  formerly occupied by the enemy.  I regret
to report that Lt Col Weikert 20th Indiana seriously if not mortally wounded.  
Very Respectfully Your ObS  G Mott Brig Genl"  Written during Union attacks
on Petersburg by the II Corps.  Rare actual war date activity from the front.
August 1863 Requisition for Supplies for D M Gregg's Cavalry Division after
the battle of Gettysburg which Gregg signs along with several
1861 Document by Colonel Fletcher Webster, son of Daniel Webster 12
Massachusetts Vols killed at 2nd Bull Run.  Rare Autograph.
War date letter of Colonel Benjamin Ringold of the 103rd NYVI with
endorsements of Colonel/BBG Rush Hawkins of the famous 9th NY Zouaves
and Major General John G Parke Division Commander in the 9th Corps
under Burnside before replace Burnside as its head.  Document is on the
letterhead of the 103rd Regiment with NY Shield and discuss's officer
promotions.  Ringold was killed at the Battle of Suffolk on 5/3/63.  The letter
is dated in 1862.  Great war date document with desierable autographs.
Union Document dated 4/30/64 from the 25th Indiana Regiment with
Autograph of Union General Alvin P Hovey as Brig Gen'l US Vols.  Whole
document was loo large to scan so I am just showing the part with Hovey's
autograph on it.
Interesting War ALS by Ambrose Burnside Major General IX Corps, Dated
April 6th, 1864, cannot make out location.  "Chas E Allen, I take great
pleasure in sending you autographs as requested.  I am always to do
anything in my power to aid your noble commission in its quest and good
work.  Sincerely yours A E Burnside Maj Gen'l"  I assume Mr Allen's
commission was raising funds by selling autographs of famous Union Soldiers
for Charity work.  Neat.
Interesting Letter from Stephen L Mershon recommending Sgt Henry Squires
of the 81st NYVI for promotion from Sergent to Lt. High comments "This
young man on the first call for troops left a lucrative occupation , placed
himself at once under Military discapline of Col Ed Rose..he fights for the
Restoration of the Union and the Supremacy of the Constitution. He has
ambition, character and military capacity...".  Endorsed by General McClellan
on May 6, 1864.   He recieved the promotion and eventually made Captain.
Document from the 49th NY Vols, dated Jan 17. 1865 written by Lt Col C Holt
on legal size paper asking for recruited companies to be allowed to join the
regiment.  The following Generals authorize the document; BBG Thomas W
Hyde Colonel commanding the Brigade, Lewis A Grant commanding the
Division and George W Getty commanding the VI Corps at this time as
General Horatio Wright must have been absent.  Hyde, Grant (commander of
the Vt Brigade) and Getty all saw heavy action during the War with the
Sedgwick and Wrights incomparable VI Corps.
Wonderful Field copy of the Army of the Cumberland General Order No. 231,
dated October 10, 1863 (month after the battle of Chickamauga) announcing
"The following changes in the Staff of the Major General commanding are
published for the information of the Army.  Brig Gen'l J A Garfield has been
chosen by his fellow citizens to represent them in the councils of the Nation,  
His high intelligence, spotless integrity, business capacity an thorough
acquaintance with the wants of the Army will render his services, if possible,
more valuable to the country in Congress than with us.  Reluctantly yielding
to this consideration, the General commanding relieves him from duty as
Chief of Staff.  In doing so, he returns his thanks to Gen'l Garfield for the
invaluable assistance he has rendered him by wise councils and assiduous
labors as well as for his gallantry, good judgement and efficiency at the Battle
of Chickamauga"  By command of Major General Rosecrans, signed by C
Goddard AAG."  
A period Copy from the Army of the Cumberland in the
field announcing that future President James Garfield will be leaving
the Army for Congress.  Very rare document of importance about a
major figure in our history.
Wonderful XI Corps document with Fantastic Autographs.  Dated 12/29/63
Camp of the 143rd NYVI it is a letter from Lt Wm Radcliff of the 143rd NY
applying for a leave of absence addressed to Brig General William D Whipple
AAG Dept of the Cumberland (after the XI Corps moved from the Army of the
Potomac to Tenn.)  The list of approver is a Who's who of the XI Corps and
the Army of the Potomac, firstly Col Horace Boughton 143rd NYVI BBG, then
Hector Tyndale Brigadier General, then Carl Shurz Division Commander XI
Corps, then OO Howard Maj Genls commanding the Corps,  Then Joseph
Hooker cmdg both the Xi & XX Corps.  Additional autographs are AAG to
George Thomas rejecting the application is Henry M Cist Lt, and H Perkins
AAAG to Hooker, S Robinson.  To have all of these famed Army of the
Potomac Generals on one document is just fantastic Schurz, Howard and
Hooker pluse the other famous people in their own rights.  
1865 DS by Phil Sheridan commanding Military Division of the Gulf from New
Orleans,  writing to Horatio Wright in Galveston talking about terminating the
railroad a Savacca and that the Army is reducing in size and that the number
of officers will be reduced while he has eliminated the divisions of the 13th &
14th Army Corps.  All in line with the significant reduction in the size of the
Union Army which was taking place.  Neat Historical document on what took
place right at the end of the War.  Signed P H Sheridan  twice including a
post script to Wright saying his communication to Govenor Hamilton has not
reached him.  Rare
HQ Dept of Tennessee Special Order No 245, 9/7/63, On Surgeons
Certificate of disability from wounds approved by the Medical Director, leave
of absence is granted for twenty days is granted Captain Henry C Moffett 8th
Missouri with permission to proceed beyond the bounds of the Dept.  Signed
by Brigadier Geneal John A Rawlins  AAG (for Grant).  Wonderful period
order signed by Grant's friend and Chief of Staff from Occupied Vicksburg.
War Date 143rd NYVI Document signed by Colonel and Bvt Brigadier
General Horace Boughton.  An XI Corps regiment they saw heavy fighting in
the Lookout Mtn and Chattanooga campaign in the XX Corps.  Dated July
13th 1863 looking for forage for the Regiment. (5/14)
Cavalry Corps Army of the Potomac Document for Lt John Patton AAQM CC
ordering equipment for the Staff of the cavalry Corps by order of John
Pleasanton Chief of Cavalry (though he does not sign it).  It is signed several
times by Patton and Colonel later General George Chapman who
commanded the 6th Indiana Cavalry at Gettysburg and would command a
Brigade later in Sheridan's cavalry.  Signed by several additional QM's also.
Early War document from the 2nd Vermont Infy signed by Lt Colonel and
future General George Stannard.  Gettsyburg hero who lost an arm at Fort
Darling Va.  Scarce  550
On Hold
Colonel and future General James C Rice 44th NYVI ALS dated 4/8/63.  
Interesting letter trying to get rid of Lt Adsit in the Regiment.  Two pages
signed in period ink.  Rice defended Little Round Top and was killed at
Spottsylvania CH in 1865.