Sixth Plate Tintype of a Union Soldier wearing Greatcoated
Tinted in a Patriotic Case with Flag.  
Sixth Plate TT of a Union Artillery Lt with Sword.  Extremely
Sharp in a rehinged wooden case.  Shoulder Straps are tinted
red.  Very nice.  
Ultra-sharp 1/6 Plate TT of a Union Corporal wearing a hardee
hat. with his arm resting on a Union Flag and Bible on the table.  
gilting to belt and infantry horn on hat.  Scan does not do it
justice since its much better than shown.  Comes in a separated
half case.  What a tough looking Iron Brigade soldier would look
Quarter Plate TT of Union Cavalryman on his horse.  Rarely
seen.  Slight waives to plate on right and mark on left.  Comes in
a seperated half case which is partially damaged.
1/6th Plate Tintype of an Unidentified US Bucktail Soldier from
either the 149th or 150th Pennsylvania Volunteers.  Note
shoulder scales on uniform which was typical for soldiers of
these regiments early in their service.  Shown standing with rifle
and equipment.  Wonderful and scarce.