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Important Stereoview of the Commanders of the II Corps in
Virginia in 1864,   Generals Hancock, Birney, Barlow and
Gibbon. Anthony/Brady.
Anthony/Brady Stereo of General Grant and Family at City
Point VA in 1864.
Rare stereoview of General Rawlins and family at City
Point while on Grant's staff.  Anthony bm with a revenue
stamp.  Have never seen this view before in excellent
Scarce Stereoview of General Edward Ferrero of the IX
Corps at Petersburg.  Ferroro a Division Commander
under Burnside was to lead his Black Troops in the
assault on the Crater until Meade changed plans at the
last minute and substituted Ledlie's untrained troops
resulting in a disaster where many of both Divisions were
slaughtered.  Anthony bm showing a neat scene on the
porch of a house.
Stereo of the Great Metropolitan Sanitary Fair by
Anthony.  Note all the battleflags and mementos of the
Union Armies.
Brady Stereoview of Burnside near his HQ around
Richmond taken in 1864.  
A Good view of the Covered Way inside Rebel Fort
Damnation after the fall of Petersburg.  Anthony view No
Anthony Stereoview of a Dead Confederate soldier in the
trench's of Petersburg after the City fell to Grants
assault.   War views no. 3199.  Haunting image shows the
terrible nature of War.
Stereoview of a Dead Confederate in Petersburg's
trenchs.  Anthony view no. 3175
Ultra-rare Original Alexander Gardner Stereoview of
Grant's Council of War taken at Massoponax Church in Va
in 1864.  Grant is seen as leaning over Meade's shoulder
pointint out something on a map.  Rarely seen and
Stereoview of General Humphrey's II Corps AOP taken
during the Grand Review parade after Lee Surrendered.  
Anthony backmark.  II Corps was the hardest fighting
Union Corps in the war made famous by Winfield Scott
Hancock.  View no. 3308
Anthony view of the "Picket Guard on Alert" War view No
2061.  These are men of the 4th Michigan Infantry who
would go on to Glory for their fight in the Wheatfield of
Gettysburg losing their Colonel Harrison Jeffords in a
bayonet fight over their flag.  
Dead Rebel inside Union Picket Lines after the Storming
of Petersburgh on April 2nd, 1865.  Anthony Stereo No.
3186.  Nicely tinted with period inscription as seen.