Ultra rare image of Gersham Mott's II Corps Division Headquarters in Virginia
in 1864.  Image shows Mott and staff outside his HQ tent along with Division
Flag with trefoil hanging from the right.  JP Doremus of Patterson NJ backmark
with period inscription on verso Compliments of Capt. JH Dessault of the 8th
NJ.  Rare image of a Union HQ in the field.  Slight crease in middle not
detracting from image.
Brady albumen of the Quaker Guns at Centreville VA.
Unpublished Albumen of General Henry Benham and Staff with some
information on the back which is very hard to read.
Colonel Sharpe's HQ near Brandy Station.  He led the Scouts and Secret
Service agents in the Army of the Potomac for the 2nd half of the War.
Large albumen of Sheridan's cavalry Corps in Virginia in 1864.  Most likely
unpublished taken for Theo Rodenbaugh's BBG personal collection and from
his album.  Rare.
CDV of the Battleflag of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteers.  It was recruited and
mustered into Federal service in May 1861, and was brigaded with the 1st
New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, the 2nd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry, and the
4th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry to make up what became famed as the
"First New Jersey Brigade". Early on, the regiment participated in small actions
such as the Bog Wallow Ambush in Northern Virginia. The regiment and
brigade served as the 1st Brigade of the 1st Division of the VI Corps, and
participated in numerous battles from the June 27, 1862, Battle of Gaines Mill,
Virginia, to the final Union assaults on Confederate positions at Petersburg,
Virginia, in April 1865.  The remnants of the 3rd New Jersey Volunteer Infantry
were mustered out at Hall's Hill, Virginia, on June 29, 1865
Huge Albumen of Grant's Tomb with Floral Decorations and Admirers.  
CDV of the Battleflag of the 7th Pennsylvania Reserves.  "The 7th
Pennsylvania Reserve Regiment, also known as the 36th Pennsylvania
Volunteer Infantry Regiment, was an infantry regiment that served in the Union
Army during the American Civil War. It was part of the 2nd Brigade of the
Pennsylvania Reserves division. At the Battle of the Wilderness, on May 5,
1864, most of the regiment became surrounded by the enemy and was forced
to surrender. The captives were sent to Confederate prisoner-of-war camps
where they were kept until the final months of the war."
Brady CDV of Fort Pulaski outside of Savannah.
CDV of Artillery Battery G, assigned to the 50th Mass Vols taken in Baton
Rouge La. in front of the State Penitentiary by McPherson and Oliver, though
no imprint.  Part of a group of Union Images that have been published in
Louisiana under Union occupation during the Port Hudson campaign.
Ultra Rare View of a Union Regimental Execution duing the Civil War.  
Regiment is setup in parade formation around the scaffold set in the middle of
the scene.  A group rides towards the scaffold which may include the
condemned soldier.  An id paper came with the image saying that it is Private
William H Howe of the 116th Pa Vols being hanged for desertion and murder.  
But I have no way to confirm that it is indeed him.  This is only the third CDV I
have seen portraying an execution which makes these incredibly Rare.
Another rare large albumen of the Command structure of the Army of the
Potomac under General Meade including Generals Meade, Hunt, Patrick and
others plus all their staff officers.  Published by Brady and probably taken in
mid 1864.  Roughly 10 by 11 inch's
Ultra Rare view of Union Spys including an African American by Brady.  Period
ID on verso "Our spies in the South especially in Richmond."  Very Rare.
Brady CDV of Confederate 12 Pounder captured by the 17th NYVols at
Hanover Courthouse VA.  
A view attributed as the Camp of Battery G, 50th Massachusetts taken at
Baton Rouge La in 1862 from the Groves collection.  
Rare view of Union Artillery covered against the rain at Baton Rouge La in
1862.  Taken by Confederate photographers McPherson and Oliver La.
Another Groves collection piece.  
McPherson and Oliver view of Union Troops camped in Baton Rouge.  
Possibly part of the 50th Mass Regiment.  Published.
Two rare albumen views of Fort Sumter after she surrendered to the
confederates and their bombardment and before she was pounded into a pile
of rubble by the US Navy in 1863.  Shows workmen fixing the damage done by
the Conferates they repair the Fort.  First time I have ever seen these views.  
Mount is 8 by 10 in.
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