Ultra rare image of Gersham Mott's II Corps Division Headquarters in Virginia
in 1864.  Image shows Mott and staff outside his HQ tent along with Division
Flag with trefoil hanging from the right.  JP Doremus of Patterson NJ backmark
with period inscription on verso Compliments of Capt. JH Dessault of the 8th
NJ.  Rare image of a Union HQ in the field.  Slight crease in middle not
detracting from image.
Scarce CDV of Union Soldiers quarters outside of Petersburg during the
siege.  Six soldiers shown standing around and published by a Petersburg
Rare Albumen of Officers of the Army of the Potomac and Foreign Military
dignataries.  Included in the photo are , seated 2nd from Right Bvt Brigadier
General Simon F Barstow, seated 3rd from Left Bvt Brigadier General Joseph
Dickinson, standing 3rd from right is Bvt Brigadier General Benjamin C Ludlow,
standing 3rd from right Captain Ulric Dahlgren who would be killed in the raid
on Richmond, standing far right is Colonel later Brigadier General Alfred N
Duffie of the 1st Rhode Island Cavalry and the Army of the Potomac Cavalry
Corps.  4 by 6 inch's previously mounted.
Alexander Gardner Gallery Card Albumen of the Sanitary Commission
location in Washington DC.  Shown are members and Union Soldiers at 244F
St, Washington DC.  The Sanitary condition provided relief and nursing to the
Union Army.  Gardner/Gibson imprints on front.  Rare
Brady Gallery Card of Brigadier General Caldwell and Staff at Fair Oaks in
1862. The officer standing at left is the famous future Indian Fighter and
Medal of Honor Winner Nelson A Miles.  Caldwell a Brigade and Division
commander in the II Corps led his division into the Wheatfield at Gettysburg to
hold back Longstreets attack suffering the loss of two Brigade Commanders in
Colonel Edward Cross and Brigadier General Samuel Zook.  Rare image.  Nice
American Flag draped over the tent..
Ruins of Hampton Church in 1862 Burnt down by McClellans Army.  Oldest
Protestant church in the country at that time.  Fortress Monroe bm.
Very Rare cdv of the Camp of the 38th Mass at Baton Rouge La near the
Pennitentiary,  Period ink id on verso states," Lt nearest the front line is
Quartermaster Russell, he is standing in front next in line is Colonel
Richardson".  Rarely ever seen.  Mounted in a period frame with hanging wire
and description on verso.
View of a Union Refreshment Saloon.  Not sure of location.
Ultra Rare View of a Union Regimental Execution duing the Civil War.  
Regiment is setup in parade formation around the scaffold set in the middle of
the scene.  A group rides towards the scaffold which may include the
condemned soldier.  An id paper came with the image saying that it is Private
William H Howe of the 116th Pa Vols being hanged for desertion and murder.  
But I have no way to confirm that it is indeed him.  This is only the third CDV I
have seen portraying an execution which makes these incredibly Rare.
Rare unmounted Albumen of Irish Brigade Commander Bvt Brigadier General
Robert Nugent (69th NYVI).  Shown in the photo are left to right  Colonel
Dennis F Burke 88th NYVI, Nugent, Lt Col James Smith 69th NYVI, Lt Colonel
James Fleming 28th Mass Vols, and Capt William H Terwilliger 63rd NYVI all of
the Irish Brigade.  Photo originally by William M Smith.  Size 6 by 8 inch's
unmounted.  Rare.
Ultra Rare view of Union Spys including an African American by Brady.  Period
ID on verso "Our spies in the South especially in Richmond."  Very Rare.
Two rare albumen views of Fort Sumter after she surrendered to the
confederates and their bombardment and before she was pounded into a pile
of rubble by the US Navy in 1863.  Shows workmen fixing the damage done by
the Conferates they repair the Fort.  First time I have ever seen these views.  
Mount is 8 by 10 in.
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