Autographed CDV of Colonel and Brevet Brigadier General Dwight May of
Kalamazoo Cty Michigan and the 2nd & 12th Michigan Vols.  Served as Captain in
the 2nd 4/61-12/61, then Lt Col 12th Mich 10/62-2/66 rising to Colonel 6/10/65
and BBG 10/65.   Backmark by White DeValls Bluff Arkansas and signed on the
verso in ink "Yours Tr Dwight May Lt Col 12th Mich Vol Infy".  
Very rare view and possibly unpublished view of Meade's Staff outdoors by
Alexander Gardner.  Staff officers include Francis M Bache, Theodore Lyman,
James C Biddle, John C Bates and Frederick Rosencrantz.  (10/13)
CDV of Massachusetts Killed in Action Charles E Griswold.  Served in the 22nd
Mass from 10/61-10/62, was promoted to Lt Colonel and Colonel of the 56th Mass
on 2/26/64 and was killed during the fighting in the Wilderness on 5/6/64.  Photo
by Black of Boston with their backmark.  
CDV of Colonel and later Brigadier General Neal Dow of Maine.  A Quaker from
Maine, he was heavily involved in Prohibition and Temperence activities .  Colonel
of the 13th Maine Vols, he was part of Burnside's New Orleans expedition on which
his ship was shipwrecked off NC, though his regiment still arrived in time for the
occupation of the City.  Promoted BG in April of 1862 he commanded Forts
Jackson and St Philip below the City, commanded the District of Florida for a
period from St Augustine's, returned to Louisiana to participate in the Siege of
Port Hudson where he was wounded and taken prisoner.  After 8 months in prison
in Macon and Richmond he was exchanged for Rooney Lee.  His health ruined by
his experiences, he resigned from the Army to return to Maine.  Ran for President
on a Prohibition ticket in 1880 and is buried in Portland Me.  
CDV of Lt William W Jones of the 44th NYVI, served 8/61 till he died of disease on
5/5/62 in New York.  Image trimmed as seen with a backmark of Germans Philly.  
Autographed CDV of Adjutant General of the V Corps Frederick T Locke.  Served
with the V corps from the beggining of the War through the end of the War and
was breveted Brigadier General for Five Forks.  Addis Washington DC bm.  
Served the Commanders of the V Corps Fitz John Porter through Charles Griffin.  
Nice image.
Ultra-rare view of Colonel, Bvt Brigadier General and famed Artist David Strother
of West Virginia (known under his pseudonym "Porte Crayon".  Cousin of General
David Hunter, he served as a Topographical Engineer of the Shenandoah Valley
and Chief of Staff of Hunter's staff.  Made Colonel of the 3rd West Virginia
Cavalry, he participated in 30 actions including the shelling and burning of VMI.  
Prior to the War " He studied drawing under Pietro Ancora in Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania in 1829, and studied painting under Samuel F. B. Morse in New York
in 1837-1838. After travels in the Midwest in 1838-1839, he embarked for Europe
in the fall of 1839. Residing primarily in Italy, he returned to the United States in
the spring of 1843. During the mid-1840s, under the direction of John G.
Chapman, Strother learned the craft of woodcut illustration in New York. He
illustrated a variety of publications before winning fame as both the author and
illustrator of a series of humorous travelogues which appeared in Harper's Monthly
magazine".  "After the war, Strother wrote articles on a wide range of subjects
including politics, race relations, and Chief Sitting Bull. He also made many
drawings of people he met or observed going about their daily lives.  In 1879,
Strother was appointed by President Rutherford B. Hayes to be the General
Consul to Mexico. He served in this capacity until 1885 after which he returned to
West Virginia. He died in Charles Town three years later. The New York Times
published an obituary in which it is stated that his pen name Porte Crayon was a
household during the summit of his career. Strother is buried in Green Hill
Cemetery in Martinsburg, West Virginia." Very Rare image, one of which sold on
ebay for $2500. Also a famous Artist of the late 19th Century.
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