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Wonderful Grouping for Colonel Rishworth Rich 9th Maine Vols.  
Autographed cdv by King and his personal Colonel's Shoulder Straps in
their original box with his name on the cover.  First time I have seen an
original box for shoulder straps.  MFG J H Merrill Portland and the case
contains the brass clips for attaching to his Uniform.  Spectacularly historic
Wonderful star from the flag of the 51st Pa Vols, Hartranfts Regiment who
stormed Burnside Bridge at Antietam.  Lenzi Norristown imprint.  Real piece
of the Flag. Previously mounted.
CDV of Major Joseph K Bolton 51st Pennsylvania Vols.  Lenzi Norristown bm.
CDV of William Jordan Bolton, 51st Pa Vols.  WIA Antietam, eventually
Colonel and BBG  Lenzi Norristown Pa.
Interesting Postal Cover free franked by member of Congress Feliz
Zollicoffer from TN, who became a Confederate General and was killed early
in 1862 at the Battle of Mills Springs.  Very rare autograph.
119th Pennsylvania Vols Commission signed by Colonel Peter Ellmaker a
Gettysburg Commander.   Nicely matted for framing.
1893 dated Cabinet Card of General EOC Ord and his son, and grandson
at for Custer Montana in Sept of 1893.  Also a 28 page published booklett
on General Ord's life.  Famous Western photographer OS Goff in Dikinson
ND.  Ord would have been stationed there in the Indian Wars at the time.  
Framed large albumen of future Colonel Daniel D Wheeler 4th Vermont
Vols.  Medal of Honor for the battle of Salem Heights in 1863.  Rare early
war image of him as a Junior Officer with a Philadelphia imprint.
Rard cdv of Lt Colonel Edgar Kimball 9th NY Hawkins Zouaves who was
killed by General Michael Corcoran in a dispute at a picket line.  Kimball
who  was drunk at the time attacked Corcoran who did not know the
password where Corcoran shot him and was never prosecuted for the
killing.  Bogardus NY Imprint.  
Spectacularly rare 1/6th plate tintype of a Union General and  staff
outdoors. One of the seated officers has had has face rubbed out, which
was sometimes done as a sign a person had died.  What a shame.  Possibly
General George Stoneman or David B Birney.  Rare subject to see in a
Tintype.  If clear this would be incredibly important.  Dark.
CDV of Bvt Major John S Gibbs, 3rd Mass Rifles, 1st US Light Artillery and
38th USCT.  Washington bm.
Early War Salt Print CDV of Francis William Loring, Sgt Major 24th Mass
Vols, as shown here, Lt Adjutant & Bvt Major 38th Mass.  Signed in period
pencil on the verso and a published image.  
CDV of John L Fox,34th Mass, and later the 24th Mass, rose from  Pvt to 1st
Lt.  WIA and POW at the Union Route at New Market Va on 5/15/ 64.  Rare
Richmond Va backmark by C H Rees the Confederate photographer.  
Meaning he was with the 24th Mass when the City fell.
Spectacular view of Confederate General Robert B Vance of North Carolina
while being held as Union Prisoner.  "
Vance entered the Confederacy forming the
"Buncombe County Life Guards" (later, Company H of the 29th North Carolina Infantry Regiment).
After training at Camp Patton, in Asheville, Vance was unanimously elected as the regiment's colonel.
The regiment was sent to eastern Tennessee to guard the bridges on the Bristol-Chattanooga road.[14]
They all took up position at the Cumberland Gap, seeing their first real action on March 24, 1862.[2]
They later accompanied Edmund Kirby Smith into Kentucky, and on December 30, 1862, Vance
commanded the brigade of James E. Rains, after his death, at the Battle of Murfreesboro.[14] There
were many casualties in the brigade, with Vance's own horse killed beneath him by a shell.[2] After
the battle, Vance had to step down from his post as he contracted typhoid fever, but he was
commended for his service by General John P. McCown, which led to Jefferson Davis commissioning
him as brigadier general on March 4, 1863.  Capture After a lengthy recovery from his illness, Vance
was placed in charge of the North Carolina–Tennessee mountains under the command of General
Braxton Bragg, with orders to harass the Union flanks and disrupt the flow of enemy supplies.  On
January 14, 1864, he was assigned a mission at Cosby Creek, Tennessee.[14] Vance intercepted a
major supply train going to General Ambrose Burnside's troops near Knoxville, but when he tried to
take the wagons to North Carolina, Vance, and nearly all of his troops, were captured by Sergeant
Everett W. Anderson of the 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry.  Imprisonment Vance was detained at various
Union prisons in Nashville, Louisville, Fort Chase (Ohio), and Fort Delaware until a former prisoner of
Vance's, Reverend Nathaniel G. Taylor, intervened on Vance's behalf, as Vance had treated him well
and, eventually, released him.  President Lincoln issued Vance a special parole, allowing him to buy
clothes for other Confederate soldiers. On March 10, 1865, Lincoln granted Vance a condition full
pardon, allowing him to return to North Carolina, but requiring him not to fight again.
Captured by a Sargent in the 15th Pennsylvania Cavalry.  
Boldly signed framed cdv of Cavalry General Judson Kilpatrick.   Great
Pair of Corps Badges owned by George H Teele 19th Mass Vols.  A Rare 18
Karot gold trefoil 2nd Corps War Date badge accompanied by a suspension
badge for the 19th Mass also.  Teele served in the 5th Mass in 1861 and
then served with the 19th Mass through 1864.  Great II Corps regiment with
great Gettysburg history.  Rare to find gold corps badges like this.  Closeup
scans can be provided.  Important piece.
Official US Commission as Brevet Major to officer Charles P Horton for
excellent officering during the battles of South Mtn, Antietam,
Chancellorsville and Gettysburg.  Stamps signed by President Andrew
Johnson, and hand signed by Edwin Stanton.  Hasn't been unfolded for 150
years, inks are very bright and readable and document is very clean.,  
Horton from the 2nd Mass was a staff officer during the  War on the Staffs of
General George S Greene among others, playing a notable part during the
Interesting Union Musician with a photographic pin medal on his chest.  
Roberts of Detroit photographer.
Scarce pose of Grant.
Wonderful cdv of 2 Soldiers drinking wine.  Soldier on the left is William B
Arnold of the 86th Illinois Vols and the Mississippi Marine Brigade, the
seated officer is Lt Jonathan B Arnold 86th Illinois Vols.  Great Character.
Spectacular view of an Artillery Sergent Major by Brady with Sword.  
CDV of Surgeon Francis M Everlath 7th Maine Vols and 1st Maine VV.  
Published officer.
Important image of General Burnside while commanding the Army of the
Potomac during the battle of Fredericksburg.  Taken at Falmouth VA.  A
Zouave stands guard at right, Colonel Henry Hunt stands behind Burnside,
MOH General Orlando B Wilcox is over at the left among the officers I know
off the top of my head.  Rare.
Brady CDV of Fort Pulaski outside of Savannah.
Postwar cabinet card of Lee sitting on his porch taken by Brady.
Spectacularly Autographed view of Cavalry General Wesley Merritt.
CDV of John Wilkes Booth by Merrill & Crosby.  
Scarce cdv of Sgt Boston Corbett 16th NY Cavalry who killed Booth in
Virginia while he was trying to escape.  
Rare autograph of Booth's killer Sgt Boston Corbett 16th NY Cavalry.
Card given by Sgt Boston Corbett wtih autograph and Religious Tract.  He
was a noted religious zealot.  Killed Booth in 1865.