NEW ARRIVALS; updated 10/18/2020
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George Pickett CDV
John Mosby CDV
Robert E Lee by Alexander Gardner.  
.Confederate General Joseph Anderson by Anthony
Extra Sharp Daguerrotype of a PreWar US Soldier with Sword.  Extra sharp
and clean and rarely seen this nice.  Will send additional scans as
requested.  Had a lot of trouble getting a good photograph without glare to
show how sharp it is.  
Anthony Stereoview of Custer and pet Dog taken early in the War.  Rare
Rare Lee cdv by the Lee Gallery of Richmond, with a great inscription the
Ultra rare view of Lee just after Gettysburg by Minnis of Richmond with his
known pink card.  Imprint was probably below image where it has been
trimmed off.  Very rare view of a haggard Lee lending some credence to the
thought he was ill during the Gettysburg campaign.  
Nicely framed and matted autographed signed check of Gettysburg Medal of
Honor winner 1st Vermont Cavalry General William Wells.
Lee by Vannerson and Jones of Richmond.
1/4 Plate Tintype of Francis Becket 5th and 20th Connecticut Vols WIA
View of admrial Farragut with his autograph affixed to the verso of the Carte
Rarely if ever seen an autographed carte of the Grey Ghost himself John
Brady CDV of Confederate 12 Pounder captured by the 17th NYVols at
Hanover Courthouse VA.  
A view attributed as the Camp of Battery G, 50th Massachusetts taken at
Baton Rouge La in 1862 from the Groves collection.  
Rare view of Union Artillery covered against the rain at Baton Rouge La in
1862.  Taken by Confederate photographers McPherson and Oliver La.
Another Groves collection piece.  
Extremely Important view of Colonel Albert T Barnitz 2nd Ohio Cavalry and
7th US Cavalry WIA Washita!  "Captain Albert Barnitz (1835-1912)  
Cleveland Ohio Photographer,   Very Rare Interesting view with Colonel';s
Eagles and 7th Cavalry Kepi.

"Albert Trorillo Siders Barnitz was a captain in the 7th US Cavalry
commanding G Company of Major Elliott's squadron during the Battle of the
Washita. Barnitz was born on March 10, 1835, at Bloody Run, Pennsylvania,
in Bedford County, but moved to Ohio shortly after his birth. He attended
Kenyon College and the Cleveland Law College but was for the most part a
self-educated man. Barnitz toured the Midwest, conducting classes in
elocution and performing dramatic readings, and in 1857, he published a
volume of poetry.
Barnitz enlisted in 1861 as a sergeant in G Company of the Second Ohio
Volunteer Cavalry. He saw action on the Kansas frontier against William
Quantrill's guerrillas. He also led a raid on Confederate transportation lines
in Tennessee. This mission was a complete success but proved nearly fatal
to Barnitz, whose horse slipped and fell on him, causing severe injuries that
included a broken jaw. After his recovery, he was reunited with his regiment,
and served in Virginia, where the Second Ohio had become a part of the
Army of the Potomac. Barnitz was later awarded a brevet to major for
gallantry and meritorious services at Ashland Station, where he was
wounded in the thigh while leading his men in a charge on foot. In
September 1865, the Second Ohio was mustered out of service. In
November 1866 Barnitz received an appointment as a captain in the 7th US
During the morning of November 27, Barnitz sustained a gunshot wound to
the stomach while skirmishing with fleeing Indians. It is believed that Magpie
shot Barnitz. Although he was expected to die, the captain survived his
ordeal and was awarded a brevet to colonel for distinguished gallantry.

Albert Barnitz died on July 18, 1912, in Asbury Park, New Jersey, from the
effects of a growth that formed around the old wound. He was buried at
Arlington National Cemetery.
Union Artillery Document autographed by Captain Elijah D Taft Gettysburg
artillery commander of the 5th NY Light Artillery.  Scarce
.1863 Union Artillery Document signed by Capt Patrick Hart 15th NY Light
Artillery Gettysburg commander and Generals Henry Hunt, Robert O Tyler ,
Major Robert Fitzhugh,  among other signatures.  
Scarce CDV of Union surgeon Joseph K Barnes who would eventually head
up the Medical Service and who treated the mortally wounded Lincoln.  
Important officer.  Period ink id on verso.
Quarter plate Ruby ambrotype in thermoplastic case of Sanborn of New
Hampshire.  Note period name pinned to the image and it comes with a state
certificate confirming Sanborn's service in New Hampshire. There were
multiple Henry Sanborn's in New Hampshire, but I believe this is of the 12th
NHV.  Sharp image with rifle.
.1855 US Document for James Buchanan act of Congress for Land Office,
secretarial signed.
9/4/61 Confederate Document autographed by General Felix Zollicoffer and
Colonel Frank N McNary 1st Bttn Tennessee Cavalry.  Both would be killed
in the war, McNary at Fort Donalson and Zollicoffer at Mill Springs.  Very
rare Autographs for the State of  Tn during the Civil War.
Autographed Salt Print Albumen of General Walter H Stevens of the Army of
Northern Virginia where he was the Chief Engineer for Lee's Army. Rare
Anthony/Brady view of General Lee, Colonel Taylor and another staff officer
at Lee's home in Richmond after he surrendered to Grant.  Photo was taken
by Brady.
Sharp view of John Bell Hood by Blessing New Orleans Photographer.  Rare
photographer for Hood.
Mint condition framed Autographed cdv of General Joe Hooker.