NEW ARRIVALS; updated 4/8/2021
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.Important and Rare Cabinet Card by Goff of George Custer and Officers of
Identified persons by number are: 1) Lt. Bronson, 6th Infantry; 2) Lt.
George D. Wallace, 7th Cavalry; 3) General George Armstrong Custer, 7th
Cavalry; 4) Lt. Benjamin H. Hodgson, 7th Cavalry; 5) Mrs. Elizabeth B.
Custer (wife of General Custer); 6) Mrs. Thomas McDougall, 7th Cavalry; 7)
Capt. Thomas; McDougall, 7th Cavalry;  8) Capt. Badger, 6th Infantry; 9)
Mrs. George W. Yates; 10) Capt. George W. Yates, 7th Cavalry; 11)
Charles Thompson (civilian clothing); 12) Mrs. James Calhoun, wife of Lt.
Calhoun (and sister of General Custer); 13) Miss  Annie Bates; 14) Col.
Poland, 6th Infantry; 15) Lt. Charles A. Varnum, 7th  Cavalry; 16) General
Carlin, 6th Infantry; 17) Mrs. Myles Moylan; 18) Capt. Thomas W. Custer,
7th Cavalry; 19) Col. William Thompson; 20) Lt. James.  Never on the
1862 Clipped Confederate Document Autographed by James J Pettigrew
who was killed at Falling Waters Va after the Gettysburg campaign.
On Hold
Clipped Confederate Document with Autograph of General Henry Heth
dated 1863.  
Sharp view of Henry Heth of the Army of Northern Virginia
Rare view of Colonel Dwight Woodbury 4th Michigan Vols Killed at Malvern
Hill in 1862 by Brady
1863 Union Document autographed by Major John A Tompkins 1st RI Light
Artillery as commander 1st Division Artillery Reserve Army of the Potomac
appointing officers as Inspectors.   Gettysburg Artillery commander.  
1863 Union Document signed by Major James Brady 1st Pa Light Artillery
as Chief of Artillery 3rd Division, 1st Army Corps.  Gettysburg Artillery
Document signed by Captain Edwin B Dow 6th Maine Light Artillery,
Gettysburg commander.  
Very rare view of future General Francis Bartlett, 20th Mass, Colonel 49th
Mass Vols wearing a sling over his wounded arm.  Pittsfield Mass bm.  
Unfortunately rubbed across the face as seen.  
CDV of Colonel Frederick F Wead, 16th/98th NYVI Killed at Cold Harbor.  
By Fredericks.
Rare view of Colonel/BBG Earnst Mattais Peter Von Vegesack of the 20th
NYVI.  Medal of Honor for Gaine's Mills in 1862.  Swedish Officer serving in
the Union Army.  
CDV of Colonel Thomas M Hulings 49th Pa Vols KIA at Spottsylvnia CH in
.Colonel Frederick George D'Utassy Hungarian Soldier of Fortune and ill
fated Colonel of the 39th Garibaldi Guard.  Dismissed in 1863 for Criminal
1/6th Plate Ruby Ambrotype of two Union Soldiers who are Cooks are
Medical personel.  Wearing White aprons, soldier at left has a US belt, and
both are wearing kepi's.  Rare subject matter.  Full separated case.
Ultra Special 1/6 Plate ambrotype of a 14th Brooklyn Private with a Bowie
Knife in his belt wearing the distinctive Chassuer uniform and numeral 14
on kepi.  First hard image of this famous regiment I have ever seen.  Very
Scarce view of General Frederick Steele. NO imprint.
Rare and important image of Richmond taken right after its fall, with Union
Officers, and former slaves around the base of Washington's Statue.  5
High ranking officers at the base with African American Children and women
among the watchers around them.  
Union Drummer Boy from an 112th NYVI Album.
Scarce view of Veterans of the Fort Fisher campaign, note writing on the
box. of the amputee at right.  Famous photograph with a Syracuse bm. The
famous Stanton's Dispatch image.  
General Thomas Sweeney from Ireland, who among his many exploits in the
Civil War invaded Canada at the head of Fenian army.  
Autographed view of Horse Artillery commander John Tidball.  
Autographed view of Fort Fisher conqueror and commander of Custer
during the Little Big Horn campaign Alfred Terry.  
Rare pose of 24th Michigan Iron Brigade Colonel Henry Morrow by Ingmire
Springfield Il.  Taken when the 24th Michigan accompanied Lincoln's body
to its burial.  
Extremely Rare Gettysburg Commander W Kryzanowski of the IIth Corps.
Rarely every seen A/B
Rhode Island Viviandre Kady Brownell of the 1st Rhode Island Infantry.
Indian Wars view of General Alfred H Terry, Custer's commander during the
Little Big Horn campaign.  Atlanta Ga bm.
Sharp view of General Lew Wallace, Monacacy, Ben Hur and Billy the Kid
related.  A/B
Goldin view of Cavalry Commander Wesley Merritt from General Meigs
Iron Brigade Division Commander at Brawner's Farm Rufus King A/B
Scarce Brady view of General James Wadsworth KIA with great period