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3 Pge ALS by Famed Irish Brigade Commander Thomas Francis Meagher.
HQ Irish Brigade Sept 8th  1862 3 days before the Battle of Antietam.  "
Thomas F. Meagher Autograph Letter Signed. Two and one-half pages, 8" x
10", "Head Quarters Irish Brigade . . . Fort Defiance, near Rockville, Md.,"
September 8, 1862. Gen. Meagher here writes to acting assistant adjutant
general Col. Francis M. Rotch regarding the commissions of two men. Of the
first Meagher remarks: "I no longer believe that Capt Gallwey . . . should
have any commission in this brigade. Capt Gallwey, whilst on my staff,
proved himself in every engagement we had with the enemy, and on other
occasions, an unqualified coward, and utterly unworthy in other respects of
having the command of soldiers." He continues by stating that it would
"exceedingly gratify me to have the vacancy, caused by the resignation of
1st Lieut Phillip O'Hanlon . . . filled by an accomplished young friend of mine,
a son of Samuel Neil . . . I forget his Christian name. . . . He is a highly
educated, high-spirited young gentleman, and has had sound military
training." Docketed on the verso of the third page. Lightly toned along the
folds which show some separation at the edges.
Union Document Autographed by Generals George H Sharpe Secret
Service, Marsena Patrick, Seth Williams, a bunch of Captains at Grant's HQ
City Point Va in 1864.
Union General John Sedgwick KIA Spottsylvania CH autograph on a Letter
of Capt James H Platt Jr document.
Extra Sharp Daguerrotype of a PreWar US Soldier with Sword.  Extra sharp
and clean and rarely seen this nice.  Will send additional scans as
requested.  Had a lot of trouble getting a good photograph without glare to
show how sharp it is.  
Brady view of members of the 29th NYVI in 1861.   Great pose with many
pieces of equipment rarely seen.  
Scarce Wenderoth and Taylor view of Meade.  Pinhole at top
Scarce image of Lt Colonel James Durell Greene Gettysburg Commander.  
"On 23 July 1860, Greene joined the 5th Massachusetts Militia Regiment,
being its Lieutenant Colonel when the civil war began.[3] On June 26, 1861,
he was transferred to the 17th US Infantry Regiment.[4] He was stationed at
Ft. Preble, while the rest of his regiment fought in early battles in the East. In
late June, 1863, Greene finally took command of the 17th Infantry. During
the Battle of Gettysburg, Greene commanded the unit during heavy fighting
in the Wheatfield, where the regiment lost 25 killed and 125 wounded. A
monument to the 17th Infantry Regiment, inscribed with Greene's name, was
erected on the site. Following the Battle of Chickamauga, on September 20,
1863, Greene was promoted to full colonel and transferred to the 6th US
Infantry. On 13 April 1865, Colonel James D. Greene was promoted to
Brevet Brigadier General.[5] Greene resigned his commission on 25 June
1867, after nearly 7 years of service.
.Rare Carte of Iron Brigade Commander and Little Big Horn campaign
Commander John Gibbon by Brady.
Lee by Vannerson and Jones of Richmond.
Fascinating Albumen of the Army of the Potomac, includes among others
Colonel Ulric Dahgren Killed at Richmond, General Alfred Duffie of the
Cavalry, BBG's Simon Barstow, Joseph Dickinson 26th Pa Vols,  and
Benjamin Ludlow 4th Missouri Cavalry.  Roughly 4 by 6 inch's.
CDV Union Artillery General Robert O Tyler by Prescott and Gage Hartford
Very Scarce view of Edward Wild as Union General, lost an arm during the
War and commanded US Colored Brigades after serving in the 1st/35th
Mass Vols. Burwell Gallery Norfolk Va.
Autographed cdv of General Giles A Smith of Missouri.
CDV of General Thomas A Davies and Staff by Brown of St Louis.  Image is
a bit dark but is rare.
CDV of General Robert Cowdin of the 1st Mass Vols by Black of Boston.
Extremely Important view of Colonel Albert T Barnitz 2nd Ohio Cavalry and
7th US Cavalry WIA Washita!  "Captain Albert Barnitz (1835-1912)  
Cleveland Ohio Photographer,   Very Rare Interesting view with Colonel';s
Eagles and 7th Cavalry Kepi.

"Albert Trorillo Siders Barnitz was a captain in the 7th US Cavalry
commanding G Company of Major Elliott's squadron during the Battle of the
Washita. Barnitz was born on March 10, 1835, at Bloody Run, Pennsylvania,
in Bedford County, but moved to Ohio shortly after his birth. He attended
Kenyon College and the Cleveland Law College but was for the most part a
self-educated man. Barnitz toured the Midwest, conducting classes in
elocution and performing dramatic readings, and in 1857, he published a
volume of poetry.
Barnitz enlisted in 1861 as a sergeant in G Company of the Second Ohio
Volunteer Cavalry. He saw action on the Kansas frontier against William
Quantrill's guerrillas. He also led a raid on Confederate transportation lines
in Tennessee. This mission was a complete success but proved nearly fatal
to Barnitz, whose horse slipped and fell on him, causing severe injuries that
included a broken jaw. After his recovery, he was reunited with his regiment,
and served in Virginia, where the Second Ohio had become a part of the
Army of the Potomac. Barnitz was later awarded a brevet to major for
gallantry and meritorious services at Ashland Station, where he was
wounded in the thigh while leading his men in a charge on foot. In
September 1865, the Second Ohio was mustered out of service. In
November 1866 Barnitz received an appointment as a captain in the 7th US
During the morning of November 27, Barnitz sustained a gunshot wound to
the stomach while skirmishing with fleeing Indians. It is believed that Magpie
shot Barnitz. Although he was expected to die, the captain survived his
ordeal and was awarded a brevet to colonel for distinguished gallantry.

Albert Barnitz died on July 18, 1912, in Asbury Park, New Jersey, from the
effects of a growth that formed around the old wound. He was buried at
Arlington National Cemetery.
Whitehurst view of Colonel Henry Wilson 22nd Mass Vols.  Later Vice
President of the United States.
. Chaplain Henry Clay Trumbull 10th Connecticut Vols wearing a very rare
Heart Shaped 24th Corps badge with a 10th Corps Badge interior.  The  
10th have served in both Corps during the War.  
Col. William H Noble 17th Connecticut Vols XI Corps.  Colonel of the 17th
CVI. Wounded at Chancellorsville, captured in 1864 in Florida and
imprisoned at Andersonville. Brevet promotion to Brigadier General March
1865.  Partridge Bridgeport bm.
Colonel Edward Anderson 37th Ilinois Vols, 12th Indiana Cavalry.   Colonel
Edward Anderson was an ordained minister who enlisted as a chaplain. He
later took command of the 12th Indiana Cavalry and purportedly, General
Nathan Bedford Forrest had a $500.00 bounty for his capture or death.
Anthony/Brady view of Colonel Samuel W Black 62nd Pa Vols.  Killed at
Gaine's Mills in 1862
McLees view of Colonel Henry O Ryerson, 2nd/23rd/10th NJ vols Mortally
Wounded and taken prisoner at the Wilderness.
Excellent image of Surgeon Orin Warren of West Newberry who served in
the 21st and 33rd Mass Vols.  Black Boston.
Mint condition framed Autographed cdv of General Joe Hooker.