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Colonel Horace Roberts with wonderful inscription on the verso of this 1st
Michigan Infantry Colonel.  
General George Hartsuff and two staff officers one of which is his brother.
Sharp view of tough Union Cavalry General John Buford.  
Scarce view of General Lee and his staff officers by Minnis of Richmond.  
Rare and important cdv of Kit Carson and Edwin Perrin Indian Agent taken
in New Mexico in 1862.  
CDV of Colonel BBG Nathan A M Dudley, 30th Mass Vols.  Commanded the
15th US Cavalry in Lincoln Cty during the Lincoln County war of the 1870's
also coming against Billy the Kid's Tunstall Partisans.  
Autographed cdv of Colonel/BBG Sumner Carruth 1st & 35th Mass Vols
WIA  & POW signed on the back of the Carte.
CDV of Colonel/BBG Henry Sturgis Russell, 2nd and 5th Mass Cavalry.  WIA
Great cdv of two senior officers of the 29th Mass Vols.  Officer on the right is
Major Charles Chipman who was wounded at Petersburg from which he died
on 8/8/64.  The officer on the left is Lt Colonel Joseph H Barnes of the 29th
Mass Vols.    Boston bm.
Two cdv's of Chaplain Andrew L Stone of the 45th Mass Vols, one shown
outdoors with horse and attendant. His ministry was in Ct, Mass and later in
California.  Rare outdoor view.
Small framed cdv and clipped signature of the famous JEB Stuart.  Rare
Framed large albumen of future Colonel Daniel D Wheeler 4th Vermont
Vols.  Medal of Honor for the battle of Salem Heights in 1863.  Rare early
war image of him as a Junior Officer with a Philadelphia imprint.
Scarce cdv of Colonel Datus Coon of Iowa.  "Civil War Union Brevet
Brigadier General. In July 1861, he enlisted in the 2nd Iowa Volunteer
Cavalry and was commissioned a Captain. He was with the 2nd Iowa Cavalry
through all it’s campaigns from the march to Missouri, in February 1862 to
the end of the war. Rising to the rank of Colonel in command of the
regiment, he was a participant in the Meridan, Yazoo River, Mississippi,
assault August 1863 to March 1864, the campaigns in Alabama and
Tennessee, including the Battle of Nashville, November 14, 1864 to January
23, 1865. For his honor and dedication to duty, he was brevetted Brigadier
General, US Volunteers on March 8, 1865. After the war he relocated in   
Thinned mount.
Rare view of Custer as a Brigadier General by Whitehurst Washington DC
CDV of Colonel/BBG John B Dennis, served in the 6th Mass and 7th
Connecticut Vols rising from Pvt to Colonel.  POW Bermude Hundred,
escaped from the Confederate prison at Colombia SC.  New Haven Ct bm.
CDV of Colonel Thomas Burpee served in the 14th Connecticut Vols and
was Colonel of the 21st Connecticut Infantry.  Killed at Cold Harbor VA.   
Hartford bm.
CDV of Colonel Alfred M Wood of the famed 14th Brooklyn Chassuers
NYSM.  WIA and POW at Bull Run.  Anthony Brady.  Rare regiment.
Brady cdv of General George Custer.
Sherman by Anthony/Brady
Goddard.—Died; in San Francisco, California, April 4, 1892, Calvin Goddard, late Lieutenant-
Colonel, and Assistant Adjutant-General Army of the Cumberland, aged 54 years, 1 month, 25 days.
Calvin Goddard was born at Norwich, Connecticut, February 9, 1838. He was the son of James B.
Goddard, and the grandson of Calvin Goddard, one of the leading judges of that state, and for whom
he was named. He was fitted for college at sixteen years of age, but circumstances led him to adopt a
business career, and he became an accountant in a large commission house in Cleveland, Ohio.
Later he occupied a similar position in the Merchants' Loan and Trust Bank of Chicago, and was in
that city when the war broke out.
He entered the service as first lieutenant of the 12th Ohio Infantry on the 9th of January, 1862, having
before that time acted as aide to the governor of Ohio, in fitting out the troops. His regiment was
stationed in West Virginia. Here he attracted the attention of General Rosecrans, and when that officer
was transferred to the West, Lieutenant Goddard accompanied him as acting assistant adjutant-
general. At the battles of luka and Corinth, he acted as aide to the general, and was mentioned for
gallantry and efficiency.
When General Rosecrans was assigned to the command of the Army of the Cumberland, Lieutenant
Goddard was promoted to the rank of major aud aide-de-camp, and as such served on the staff of the
commanding-general during the Stone's River campaign. On the reorganization of the staff,
consequent on the death of Colonel Garesche, Major Goddard was promoted to be assistant adjutant
general, with the rank of lieutenant-colonel, and for some time was chief of staff of the Army of the
In his service as staff officer, Colonel Goddard showed the traits of an experienced and capable
business man, as well as the gallantry and efficiency of a soldier. He was always industrious,
systematic, painstaking, clearheaded, and indefatigable. His letters were models of neatness and
conciseness, and every filing about his desk was orderly and methodical. He did, every day, the work
of that day. He was never in arrears, so that his department was at all times ready for any move the
general might direct. To the junior officers with whom he was associated, he was always genial,
courteous, and kind, and to the clerks and orderlies about headquarters he was considerate and
patient. It would be difficult to find a more harmonious or more industrious military family than that
grouped about Colonel Goddard's desk at Murfreesboro, Tenn.
When General Garfield was appointed chief of staff, Colonel Goddard continued in the discharge of
his duties as senior adjutant general with the same energy as before. He accompanied the general
commanding through the Tullahoma and Chickamauga campaigns, being always ready to carry out
any direction, and quick to transmit any order dictated by the general. When General Thomas
succeeded to the command of the Army of the Cumberland, Colonel Goddard continued to fill all the
duties of adjutant-general until after the battle of Missionary Ridge. When that was ended, on the 27th
of November, 1863, he resigned and returned to civil life. His military service had been long, faithful,
and creditable, aud his health was impaired by his unremitting devotion to duty. He left behind him a
pleasant memory among all who had served or come in contact with him during those eventful days.
CDV of Lt Andrew J Sherman 13th New Hampshire Vols, served 8/62-6/65
WIA at Fredericksburg.
Incredibly Rare CDV view of General George Custer and his wife taken at
the time of their Wedding where both are wearing George's designed
Cavalry Division Corps Badge.  His on his breast and hers near her nexk.   
Period inscription on the verso "Gen Custer presented to H G Post at Mr &
Mrs Custer's Wedding reception in 1866.  Published in the Katz book as
Unique, evidently not, but the only time I have seen this on the marketplace
in 40 years.  
Interesting Patriotic CDV of the Soldier at camp and the home missing him.  
Period ink on the verso, "camp Abercrombie Feb 2 1863 signed D J
Sharp view of General Steedman by Cadwallader of Toledo Ohio.
Spectacular view of the Commanders and Flags of the 22nd Mass Vols,
including Colonels Tilton and Sherwood both Gettysburg commanders.
Indian Wars view of General Sheridan who prosecuted the war against the
Plains Indians.
CDV of an unknown US Marine taken while his ship was in Singapore.
CDV of Chaplain Henry Clay Henries, Lincoln Maine.  Served with the 8th
Maine Volunteers and as a Chaplain in the US Volunteers Hospital System
till he died of disease on 3/29/65.
Interesting Union Musician with a photographic pin medal on his chest.  
Roberts of Detroit photographer.
Scarce pose of Grant.