NEW ARRIVALS; updated 8/6/2020
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Spectacular Brady Gallery Card by Gardner of Colonel T G Moorehead
106th Pennsylvania Vols on the Battlefield of Antietam.  Rarely every seen
other than in books.  One of the most famous Antietam views.  No.586
Brady Gallery Card No 603 General Marcy and Friends at Union HQ
Ultra Rare Alexander Gardner view of Lincoln and McClellan on the
Battlefield of Antietam.  Rarely ever seen.  
Mint condition 1/4 Plate Tintype Union Lt with Sword and Kepi.  Nicely tinted
in a clean no ships Geometric Thermoplastic Case.  One of the Best
condition tt's I have ever seen.  
EXcellent African American Civil War historical photograph of person
working with the Sutler of the 41st Illinois Vols photographed with a chicken
and a dog.  I would presume this to a freed slave working for the Sutler
during the war.  Would be great to find out more information on this subject.  
Very rare civil war content.
Excellent view of General Edwin Stoughton from Vermont.  Was captured
during the war by Mosby and taken prisoner  while only in his underwear.
Scarce pose of General Samuel Curtis and staff in St Louis MO.
CDV of General Joseph Laumann
A S Williams with Army of the Cumberland bm.
James B Ricketts taken by Gardner but without imprint.
Ultra Rare and important from life views of Roger Hanson and Wife by
Bendann Bros Baltimore.  The Roger Hanson image is autographed on the
front.  Very rare to find this original image vs the much copied versions
usually on the marketplace.  Hanson was killed at the battle of Stones
River/Murphreesboro at the end of 1862.
General Bushrod Johnson by Giers of Nashville.
General William Barksdale of Mississippi killed at Gettysburg
Large March 1864 Document from the Staff of General Henry M Judah
signed by Judah, and Lt James Bailey.  Judah one of the few members of
the Jewish Religion to reach high rank in the Civil War Army.
Brady albumen of the Quaker Guns at Centreville VA.
Large oval albumen of General Alvin C Gillem. Troopers under his
command killed Morgan on one of his raids.  Spent most of his time in
Unpublished Albumen of General Henry Benham and Staff with some
information on the back which is very hard to read.
1/9 Plate Ambrotype of Confederate Cavalryman with holstered pistol and
Bowie Knife in his belt.  From McMinn Cty Tenn.
Large oval albumen on page of Major Theadore Winthrop Killed at the
Battle of Big Bethel in 1861, the first officer of senior rank to die in the War!  
Colonel Sharpe's HQ near Brandy Station.  He led the Scouts and Secret
Service agents in the Army of the Potomac for the 2nd half of the War.
CDV of General Charles L Fitzhugh, by Fredericks.
Colonel William B Tibbetts 21st NY Cavalry by Kimball of Leavanworth Ks.  
Rare Photographer.
Brigadier General John L Corse by Anthony/Brady
Brady view of Alfred T A Torbert.
Very Sharp A/B View of General Garfield, future President.
Colonel Thomas G Stevenson of the 24th Mass Vols with commanders and
staff,  Stevenson would be killed at Spottsylvania CH.
Large oval albumen of General Robert S Granger from the estate of Civil
War photographer C G Gier in Nashville Tn.
Another image from the estate of C G Gier, Large Oval Albumen of Gordon
Granger.  Mount is heavily soiled but image is still sharp and rare in this
Wonderful view of Adrmial Farragut and one of his commanders Percival
Drayton, rarely seen.  
View of admrial Farragut with his autograph affixed to the verso of the Carte
Ultra Rare early war view of Captain Wesley Merritt before being promoted
to General in June of 1863.  
Rarely if ever seen an autographed carte of the Grey Ghost himself John