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.Important and Rare Cabinet Card by Goff of George Custer and Officers of
Identified persons by number are: 1) Lt. Bronson, 6th Infantry; 2) Lt. George
D. Wallace, 7th Cavalry; 3) General George Armstrong Custer, 7th Cavalry;
4) Lt. Benjamin H. Hodgson, 7th Cavalry; 5) Mrs. Elizabeth B. Custer (wife of
General Custer); 6) Mrs. Thomas McDougall, 7th Cavalry; 7) Capt. Thomas;
McDougall, 7th Cavalry;  8) Capt. Badger, 6th Infantry; 9) Mrs. George W.
Yates; 10) Capt. George W. Yates, 7th Cavalry; 11) Charles Thompson
(civilian clothing); 12) Mrs. James Calhoun, wife of Lt. Calhoun (and sister of
General Custer); 13) Miss  Annie Bates; 14) Col. Poland, 6th Infantry; 15)
Lt. Charles A. Varnum, 7th  Cavalry; 16) General Carlin, 6th Infantry; 17)
Mrs. Myles Moylan; 18) Capt. Thomas W. Custer, 7th Cavalry; 19) Col.
William Thompson; 20) Lt. James.  Never on the Marketplace.
Important Photograph during the Indian Wars in the Dakota's around the
time of Wounded Knee of Generals Thomas Ruger, Nathan Augustus
Dudley, General Armstrong, Major Hamilton 1s Cav, Lt Cole 3rd Inf, Dr Prile,
Lt Colonel AK Arnold 1st Cav, Lt Bates 18th Infy, Lt Wainwright 1st Cav.
Ultra rare view of Custer and the Michigan Cavalry Brigade at Stevensburg
Va Feb 1864, with staff, Brigade Flag and African American Servant.
CDV of Artillery Battery G, assigned to the 50th Mass Vols taken in Baton
Rouge La. in front of the State Penitentiary by McPherson and Oliver,
though no imprint.  Part of a group of Union Images that have been
published in Louisiana under Union occupation during the Port Hudson
McPherson and Oliver view of Union Troops camped in Baton Rouge.  
Possibly part of the 50th Mass Regiment.  Published.
General Robert O Tyler from Connecticut and his Staff in a Rare outdoor
view.  From his own personal album.  Artillery of the Army of the Potomac. 45
Lt Colonel Thomas F Burpee 21st Connecticut Vols KIA Cold Harbor. by
Kellogg Hartford.
Colonel Simon Mix 3rd New York Cavalry KIA at Petersburg.  Anthony/Brady
Scarce Flag of the 14th New Hamshire Vols.  
Scarce Addis pose of General David Russell killed at Cedar Creek VA.
Anthony/Brady view of Daniel Butterfield as Colonel 12tn NY.
McLees view of Medal of Honor winner John P Hatch (South Mountain)
Colonel Paul Frank .5th NY Zouaves and 52nd NYVI. "The 52nd Infantry was
mustered into the United States service on October 25, 1861, with Col. Paul
Frank, formerly of the Sigel Rifles, commanding. His was mainly a German
organization, being formed by the consolidation of two skeleton regiments,
the German Rangers and Sigel Rifles, both of which were recruited in New
York City.  While in immediate reserve near the Sunken Road Col. Frank
saw two enemy regiments on his Brigade's right flank and led the 52nd, with
the 2nd Delaware, on an attack that pushed the enemy back. The 7th New
York, another German Regiment, supported the left of the 52nd.  He was at
Fredericksburg (Dec 1862) and Chancellorsville (May 1863), where he was
wounded. He returned to the Regiment shortly after Gettysburg in July 1863.
By the battle at Bristoe Station in October 1863, Col Frank was in command
of the Brigade.  At Spotsylvania on 9 May 1864 his officers complained to
Gen Barlow that Col. Frank was too drunk to command. Later that day, he
was relieved for drunkenness by Gen Hancock, and command of the
brigade was given to Col Brown, 145th PA.  He was honorably mustered out
of the service 28 October 1864.
CDV Colonel Fletcher Webster 12th Mass Vols KIA 2nd Bull Run, son of
Daniel Webster.  
CDV Colonel Fletcher Webster 12th Mass Vols KIA 2nd Bull Run, son of
Daniel Webster.  
Colonel John Richter Jones 58th Pa Vols KIA Bacheler's Creek NC.  
Spectacular view of Colonel/BBG James L Selfridge 46th Pa vols with Corps
Badge by Gardner.
Neat cdv of General Dan Sickles III Corps by Fredericks.
Rare Brady Gallery Card of artillery Commander Alexander M Pennington
and horse of the 2nd US Artillery Battery M Horse Artillery that spent most of
the latter part of the war attached to Custer's Cavalry Division.  
Battle Flag of Battery M 2nd US Artillery, Pennington's battery of the Horse
Scarce CDV of Colonel Jesse A Grove 22nd Mass Vols Killed at Gaines Mills
Autographed cdv of Colonel John W McLane 83rd Pennsylvania Vols Killed
at Gaines Mills.