GETTYSBURG ITEMS:  Photographs, Relics & Assorted Memorabilia
(U.S. $$)
Scarce CDV of Union General James Rice formerly Colonel of the 44th
New York Vols.  Commander of the Regiment at Gettysburg he would go
on to be mortally wounded in the assaults at Spottsylvnia Court House in
1864.  Rarely seen with an Albany NY backmark.
Wonderful outdoor view of Lt Colonel Langhorne Wister of the 150th
Pennsylvania volunteer infantry, one of the three Bucktail Regiments in
the army of the Potomac.  Full view shown with horse and sword.  Wister
would command the Regiment at Gettysburg where he would be shot in
the face suffering a terrible scar.  Rare and important Colonel.
Brady Gallery Card no. 366 taken by Barnard and Gibson in Mid-late 1862
showing a group of Topographical Engineers.  Included in the group on
the far Right is Gettysburg artillery Commander Alonzo Cushing and
second in, Alan Pinkerton, McCellen's chief spy.  Cushing would win fame
with this death in Picketts Charge in 1863.  Scarce
CDV of Lt. Colonel John W Phillips of the 18th Pa. Cavalry.  Backmark
from Harrisburg Pa.  Phillips served from 11/62-7/65 rising in rank from
Captain to Lt Colonel.  Very active during the war he Wounded in Action at
Gettysburg in Farnsworth's doomed charge, at Hanover Court House and
again in March of 1865.  In addition to be taken prisoner at Ceder Creek
Va in 1864.   Just wonderful history for this heroic cavalry commander.  
Autographed CDV of Brigadier General Joseph Hayes.  MI as Major in the
18th Mass Vols, rising to Colonel.  Promoted Brigadier General in May of
1864, Wounded while commanding the Regiment and then a Brigade at
Gettysburg, again wounded in the head in the Wilderness/  Brevet Major
General of Vols in 1865.  Rare Gettysburg commander.
Scarce CDV of Colonel William Sackett and wife, commanded the 9th NY
Cavalry 11/61-6/64 when he was killed at Trevillian Station VA.  
Commanded Regiment at Gettysburg and fought against Stuart's men on
July  3rd.  Scarce.
CDV of Iron Brigade, 19th Indiana Vols Lt Colonel John M Lindley.  Served
with the Regiment from 7/61-10.64 rising from Capt to Brigadier General
by Bvt.  Wounded at Brawner's Farm and Gettysburg where he had a
finger shot off.  Led the regiment in retreat from Seminary hill to Cemetary
hill when the 1st Corps line fell back.  Backmark by Paige Washington DC.
Impressive autographed view of BBG Thomas Sherman of the 22nd Mass
Vols.  Commanded the Regiment at Gettysburg among other actions
during the War.  Boldly signed on front.
Very rare view of Alonzo Cushing taken by a photographer from the staff
photo that Cushing is in along with General Sumner and made into a
CDV.  Views of Cushing are almost non-existent as his famous story and
recent Medal of Honor for heroism at Gettysburg where he was killed are
known to all.  No imprint.
On Hold
Ultra Rare Alexander Gardner view of the "Harvest of Death" at
Gettysburg showing dead Confederates lined up for burieal near the
Peach Orchord where they fell.  Rarely ever seen in this original
Stereoview by the famed photographer.
Torn Battle flag of the 82n Pennsylvania Vols, nicely tinted.  Regiment
served in the 4th and 6th Corps and saw huge fighting with the Army of
the Potomac suffering 178 deaths during the War.  Originally the 31st Pa,
the regiment was mostly from Philadelphia.  
CDV of Colonel Eliakim Sherrill of the 126th NYVI killed at Gettysburg while
fighting against Pickett's Charge.  BM by Vail Ny  Scarce
CDV of Colonel Louis Francine 7th New Jersey Vols killed at Gettysburg.