Vannerson & Jones view of Lt General John B Gordon of Georgia.  
Impressive view and very sharp of this famous much wounded
Confederate General.
Sharp Vannerson and Jones view of the famed George Pickett.
Scarce view of Robert E Lee by C R Rees & Co of Richmond dated 1868
and Autographed on the front.  Seldom seen pose.
Rare Vannerson and Jone view of the famous Cavalryman Nathan Bedford
Forrest of Tennessee.  Rarely seen these days..
CDV by Anthony of Confederate General Ewell.
Rare Large Albumen in a period frame of Confederate General Samuel
Jones of Virginia.  West Point Class of 1841, originally involved in the CSA
Artillery he was promoted to BG in 1861 and to Major General in 1862.  
"From December 4, 1862, until March 4, 1864, Jones commanded the
Department of Western Virginia, with his headquarters at Dublin, Virginia.
He was in general charge of the operations in defense of the Virginia and
Tennessee Railroad and the vital salt mines. The September 1863 Battle
of Blountville was the initial step in a Union attempt to force Jones and his
command to retire from East Tennessee.  He then commanded the district
of South Carolina until January 1865. When the Union Navy began shelling
Charleston, South Carolina, Jones placed fifty captured Federal officers
brought into town under guard. He then advised Union Maj. Gen. John G.
Foster to stop the bombardment unless he wanted to risk killing his own
men. An irate Foster retaliated by placing captured Confederates,
including Brig. Gen. M. Jeff Thompson, directly in the line of fire from
Jones's guns.  In February 1865, Jones was named the commander of the
Department of Florida and South Georgia, a post he held until the end of
hostilities, when he surrendered at Tallahassee on May 10, 1865"  Rarely
do you find Confederate images other than of Lee in this size.  Comes with
or withou frame.  On the verso in pencil it says Cook photograph which
would make sense as he was in Charleston near the end of the War.  
Beautifully tinted view of Confederate General and Govenor of Virginia
Henry A Wise by Rees Richmond.
Scarce view of Confederate Major General Dorsey Pender mortally
wounded at Gettysburg in July of 1863.  Rarely seen.  No imprint.  
CDV of Planter, Gold Miner and Confederate General Benjamin F
Cheatum.  Commanded a Division in the Army of the Tennessee and saw
action in most of the Western theatre's major battles.  Brady backmark.
"Otho French Strahl (June 3, 1831 – November 30, 1864) was a German
American attorney and a brigadier general in the Confederate States Army
during the American Civil War. He was one of a small number of Southern
generals who were born in the North.  Otho F. Strahl was born near Elliotts
Cross Roads, Ohio.  He went south to Tennessee, reading law in
Somerville and, being admitted to the bar in 1858, opening a practice in
Dyersburg.  With the outbreak of the Civil War, Strahl raised a local
infantry company
among his friends and neighbors in Dyersburg. He became the captain of
his company of the newly raised 4th Tennessee Infantry in May 1861. He
and the regiment were transferred to Confederate service in August of that
year. He was promoted to lieutenant colonel on May 15, 1862. After the
Battle of Shiloh on April 24 Strahl was promoted to colonel and led his unit
into the Battle of Perryville. The regiment was reorganized and
consoldiated with the 5th Tennessee Infantry Regiment in December right
before the Battle of Stones River. Strahl led this 4th-5th Consolidated
Tennessee Infantry till he was assigned to command the brigade of
Alexander P. Stewart in June 1863, and was promoted to Brigadier
General on July 28. He commanded a brigade in the campaigns of
Chickamauga, Chattanooga and Atlanta.
On November 30, 1864, at the
Battle of Franklin, Strahl was leading his men on foot. Getting shot
in the neck he was struck and killed by another 2 bullets to the
head. His body was taken to the back porch of the local Carnton

plantation house, where he lay until he was buried near the battlefield.  He
was later reinterred in Old City Cemetery in Dyersburg, Tennessee.  Never
seen view of this Rare killed at Franklin Confederate General.  2450
On Hold
Ultra-rare cdv by famed Jewish photographer Ben Oppenheimer of Mobile
Al, with his backmark of Confederate Admiral Rafael Semmes.
Scarce view of Confederate General Turner Ashby killed in the Valley in
1862.  Selby & Delaney Baltimore bm.
CDV of Confederate General James Canty by Anthony.  Period incorrect
ink id of Patrick Cleburne which is interesting.  Colonel of the 15th
Alabama Infy fighting at Winchester, the Seven Days, Brigadier General in
1863 in the Army of Tennessee fighting at Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville and
Bentonville.   Rarely seen.
CDV of Confederate General and Congressman Roger Pryor By Anthony.  
He fought on the Penninsula, 2nd Bull Run, Antietam among other
actions.  Long political history in the US following the War also.  (11/13)
CDV of Confederate General John Brown Gordon of Alabama.  Rose from
a private to a Corps Commander under Lee.  One of the most effective
Confederate generals to survive the War.  Rarely seen in any view.  shot
multiple times at Antietam its amazing he survived so many wounds.
Extremely Rare large albumen of George Pickett by the Lee Gallery of
Richmond VA with his imprint.  Rarely ever see in this size.  Famous for
leading Pickett's charge at Gettysburg and being one of the more colorful
Confederate Generals during the War.
CDV of Confederate General Albert Jenkins a brigade commander of
Cavalry in the Valley killed at Cloyd's Mtn WV in 1864.  Anthony bm.  He
saw action in WV and the Valley including under Lee at Gettysburg.  500
On Hold
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