Sharp Vannerson and Jones view of the famed George Pickett.
Scarce view of Robert E Lee by C R Rees & Co of Richmond dated 1868
and Autographed on the front.  Seldom seen pose.
Rare Vannerson and Jone view of the famous Cavalryman Nathan Bedford
Forrest of Tennessee.  Rarely seen these days..
Rare Large Albumen in a period frame of Confederate General Samuel
Jones of Virginia.  West Point Class of 1841, originally involved in the CSA
Artillery he was promoted to BG in 1861 and to Major General in 1862.  
"From December 4, 1862, until March 4, 1864, Jones commanded the
Department of Western Virginia, with his headquarters at Dublin, Virginia.
He was in general charge of the operations in defense of the Virginia and
Tennessee Railroad and the vital salt mines. The September 1863 Battle
of Blountville was the initial step in a Union attempt to force Jones and his
command to retire from East Tennessee.  He then commanded the district
of South Carolina until January 1865. When the Union Navy began shelling
Charleston, South Carolina, Jones placed fifty captured Federal officers
brought into town under guard. He then advised Union Maj. Gen. John G.
Foster to stop the bombardment unless he wanted to risk killing his own
men. An irate Foster retaliated by placing captured Confederates,
including Brig. Gen. M. Jeff Thompson, directly in the line of fire from
Jones's guns.  In February 1865, Jones was named the commander of the
Department of Florida and South Georgia, a post he held until the end of
hostilities, when he surrendered at Tallahassee on May 10, 1865"  Rarely
do you find Confederate images other than of Lee in this size.  Comes with
or withou frame.  On the verso in pencil it says Cook photograph which
would make sense as he was in Charleston near the end of the War.  
Scarce view of Confederate Major General Dorsey Pender mortally
wounded at Gettysburg in July of 1863.  Rarely seen.  No imprint.  
CDV of Planter, Gold Miner and Confederate General Benjamin F
Cheatum.  Commanded a Division in the Army of the Tennessee and saw
action in most of the Western theatre's major battles.  Brady backmark.
Ultra-rare cdv by famed Jewish photographer Ben Oppenheimer of Mobile
Al, with his backmark of Confederate Admiral Rafael Semmes.
CDV of Confederate Spy Belle Boyd. "Maria Isabella "Belle" Boyd was one of the
Confederacy's most notorious spies. She was born in May 1844 in Martinsburg,
Virginia (now West Virginia) to a prosperous family with strong Southern ties. During
the Civil War, her father was a soldier in the Stonewall Brigade, and at least three other
members of her family were convicted of being Confederate spies.  Following a
skirmish at nearby Falling Waters on July 2, 1861, Federal troops occupied
Martinsburg. On July 4, Belle Boyd shot and killed a drunken Union soldier who, as
she wrote in her post-war memoirs, "addressed my mother and myself in language as
offensive as it is possible to conceive. I could stand it no longer...we ladies were
obliged to go armed in order to protect ourselves as best we might from insult and
outrage." She did not suffer any reprisal for this action, "the commanding
officer...inquired into all the circumstances with strict impartiality, and finally said I had
'done perfectly right.'" Thus began her career as "the Rebel Spy" at age 17."  Anthony
Anthony CDV of Nathaniel B Tucker Confederate Agent. "Tucker was born in
Winchester, Virginia, the son of Congressman Henry St. George Tucker, Sr. and Ann
Evelina Hunter, brother of John Randolph Tucker, Congressman, and uncle of Henry
St. George Tucker, III, Congressman. He was the namesake of his uncle, author and
judge Nathaniel Beverley Tucker.[1] He was educated at the University of Virginia. He
was founder and editor of the Washington Sentinel from 1853 to 1856. In December
1853 he was elected printer to the United States Senate, and in 1857 was appointed
consul to Liverpool, England, remaining there until 1861.  He joined the Confederate
Army, and was sent by the Confederate government in 1862 as an economic agent to
England and France, and in 1863–64 to Canada, to arrange for the exchange of cotton
for Union food.[3] He also made some secret diplomatic representations to Northern
men of influence. He was included on the Union “Wanted List” during the War, and
was charged as a conspirator in the plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Although he
was never arrested, he was never pardoned either.[4] He went to Mexico after the Civil
War ended, was there until the reign of Maximilian I of Mexico came to an end,
whereupon he returned to Canada.[5] Upon returning to the United States in 1869, he
resided in Washington, D.C., and Berkeley Springs, West Virginia.  
In 1840 or 1841, he married Jane Shelton Ellis (born about 1820 in Richmond,
Virginia), the daughter of Charles Ellis and Jane Shelton. Among his eight children
was Beverley Dandridge Tucker,[5] Episcopal Bishop of Southern Virginia (who in turn
by Anna Maria Washington was the father of Henry St. George Tucker, Episcopal
Bishop of Kyoto, Japan, and later Virginia and, even later, Presiding Bishop of the
Episcopal Church, USA). He died in Richmond, Virginia."
CDV of Confederate General James Canty by Anthony.  Period incorrect
ink id of Patrick Cleburne which is interesting.  Colonel of the 15th
Alabama Infy fighting at Winchester, the Seven Days, Brigadier General in
1863 in the Army of Tennessee fighting at Atlanta, Franklin, Nashville and
Bentonville.   Rarely seen.
CDV of Confederate General and Congressman Roger Pryor By Anthony.  
He fought on the Penninsula, 2nd Bull Run, Antietam among other
actions.  Long political history in the US following the War also.  (11/13)
Extremely Rare large albumen of George Pickett by the Lee Gallery of
Richmond VA with his imprint.  Rarely ever see in this size.  Famous for
leading Pickett's charge at Gettysburg and being one of the more colorful
Confederate Generals during the War.
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