Wonderful Confederate document from 1863 made out to
former US Secy of the Interior under Buchanan Jacob
Thompson for a Horse.  
Thompson who became famous
as Confederate Spy in Canada who hatched plots to
free prisoners from Johnson's Island OH and to burn
NY City among other various assorted plots served in
the Confederate Govt.
as a Civilian and volunteer Aide to
PGT Beuarigard at Shiloh.  Thompson fled to England after
the war to escape retribution but eventually moved back to the
US after passions had calmed down.  Rare autograph of the
famous spy on the bottom in reciept of the payment. Darker
areas caused by glue between the two pages.  Much nicer
looking in person.  Rare.
Letter by former Confederate General and US Politician Roger
Pryor dated 1883.  He is responding to a request for a view of
himself in uniform and stating he knows where a non
uniformed view like above can be had.  Interesting that I have
never seen a uniformed view of him either.
Ultra Rare document with autograph of Confederate General
Basil Duke dated in 1864 from Newmarket Tennessee Nov
23rd.  Granting a leave of absence and signed by several
other officers.