Interesting Postal Cover free franked by member of Congress Feliz Zollicoffer from
TN, who became a Confederate General and was killed early in 1862 at the Battle of
Mills Springs.  Very rare autograph.
Very Rare Double Signed Autographed CDV of Confederate Major General William
B Taliaferro who signs both the front and back of this Bendann Bros CDV of
Baltimore.  Previously mounted with some spots on the front as seen.  Rarely ever
do you find Autographed Convederates in War Date CDV's.  "Taliaferro became
commander of Virginia's state militia following Virginia's secession in 1861; he later
took command of the 23rd Virginia Infantry as a colonel. He fought several
engagements in 1861 and by the end of the year had ascended to brigade
command, where he led Confederate forces at the Battle of Greenbrier River, in
what is now West Virginia.  Taliaferro's Brigade came under Maj. Gen. Thomas J.
"Stonewall" Jackson's command at the end of 1861. He remained with Jackson for
some years, rising to division command in 1862. Taliaferro was seriously injured at
the Battle of Second Bull Run (Second Manassas), but returned to the field in the
time for the Battle of Fredericksburg, his last battle under Jackson.  Taliaferro was a
strict and aloof commander who alienated many of his troops. There is at least one
known circumstance when one of his troops actually assaulted him, though
Taliaferro was unscathed. Taliaferro chafed under the command of General
Jackson, complaining to his political colleagues in Virginia about Jackson's tactics
and treatment of the men. Jackson later protested Taliaferro's promotion to
brigadier general, while Taliaferro was still under Jackson's command; however,
Jackson respected Taliaferro's leadership and military ability and did not continue to
stand in his way. Jackson later would select Taliaferro for temporary divisional
command in specific engagements.After Fredericksburg, Taliaferro was given
command of the District of Savannah. In this capacity he led troops at the Battle of
Fort Wagner on Morris Island, a battle that has since been depicted in the movie
Glory. Taliaferro was commended for his service in that battle.  In 1864, Taliaferro
was given command of all forces in the Eastern district of Florida, which made him
the overall commander at the Battle of Olustee that February. He subsequently
returned to South Carolina, where he was made commander of all forces in that
state. Taliaferro was still in command when Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman entered
the state from Savannah. Taliaferro returned to Virginia when the Army of South
Carolina, Georgia, and Florida surrendered later that year."
Rare Autographed CDV of Confederate Major General Benjamin Cheatum of the
Army of the Tennessee by Brady.  A Tennessee Planter, California Gold Miner and
General during the Civil War.  He fought at Belmont Mo, Shiloh Tn, Perryville,
Stones River, Chickamauga, Franklin and Nashville among other actions.  All
Confederate Generals in Autographed except Lee are Rare.  One of the stalwart
commanders of the Army of the Tennessee in the Western Theatre.
Ultra-Rare War Date Autograph of Confederate Admiral Raphael Semmes of the
CSA Alabama.  From a period autograph album.  Rarely on the marketplace.
9/4/61 Confederate Document autographed by General Felix Zollicoffer and Colonel
Frank N McNary 1st Bttn Tennessee Cavalry.  Both would be killed in the war,
McNary at Fort Donalson and Zollicoffer at Mill Springs.  Very rare Autographs for
the State of  Tn during the Civil War.