(U.S. $$)
"Last Train from Atlanta" by AA Hoehling published in 1958 in NY and London
by Thomas Yoseloff.  Tells the story of Atlanta during Sherman's invasion.  
Ex City library of Manchester NH.  Binding has been re-enforced with clear PP
tape.  Has library notations inside in pencil.  Condition Fair but easily
"A Bird's-Eye View of our Civil War" by Theodore A Dodge, published in 1897
by Houghton Mifflin and Co, Cambridge.  Ex City Library of Manchester NH.  
Binding still relatively tight and contains interesting Maps of the War.  Nice
"From Fort Henry to Corinth" by Manning F Force, MOH winner during the
War.  From the campaign's of the Civil War series published in New York by
Scribner's and Sons, 1881.  Ex City library of Manchester NH.  Tops of
binding on spine rubbed.  Relatively tight and clean.  
"Story of the Great March" by Bvt Major George W Nichols published in 1865
by Harper and Bros New York.  Ex City Library of Manchester NH.  Very rough
condition with binding covered by 1950's era re-cover.  Some pages torn but
easily readable.  Some soiling and marks throughout.  First Edition.
"These Honored Dead, the Union Casualties at Gettysburg" by John W
Busey.  Published 1996 by Longstreet House NJ.  Original Mint condition and
still shrink wrapped.  A must for the serious Gettysburg collector listing all the
Dead of the Union Army and how they were killed.  
First Edition of the "History of the Eighth Regiment Vermont Volunteers,
1861-1865" by George N Carpenter, 1886, published by Press of Deland &
Barta.  Great original history of the Regiment includind a large number of
period photos of members of the Regiment and a full Roster.  Book binding is
tight, ex Libris.  Back spine is frayed a bit on top and bottom.  Some markings
in book as seen in scan.  First page slightly seperated.  Overall very clean
important History.