Ultra-rare Autographed CDV of future President Rutherford B Hayes of Ohio as
Colonel of the 23rd OVI.  Signed in pencil on the front.  No imprint, very clean
image and rarely seen.
Colonel and Brigadier General John Morrison Oliver of the 4th and 15th Michigan
Vols.  Autographed on the front. by Goldin Washington.   scarce General.
Autographed CDV of General Rufus Ingalls of the Army of the Potomac.  QM
General of the army he was responsible throughout the war for keeping the army
well supplied throughout all of its major battles and campaigns.  Signed on front with
a backmark of Addis Washington.  Important member of the command of the AOP.
Boldly signed framed cdv of Cavalry General Judson Kilpatrick.   Great signature.
Autographed CDV of Union General and Congressman Frank P Blair of Missouri.  
Heavily responsible for helping to keep Missouri in the Union early in the war along
with General Nathanial Lyon who was killed at Wilson's Creek in 1861.  Blair saw
action at Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta and the March to the Sea.  Rarely seen
in autographed images.  Backmark by Fredericks.  7/15
Autographed cdv of Union General from Indiana Alvin P Hovey . Treadwell and
Peaslee bm from Indianapolis.
Ultrarare Autographed cdv of Union General Thomas Ewing with a Kansas
Autographed George Meade CDV
On Hold
Autographed CDV of Union General Joseph Dana Webster, served as Grant's chief
of staff at Forts Henry, Donelsonville, and Shiloh where he was responsible for
setting up a line of artillery that stabilized the battle on the first day at Pittsburg
landing.  Afterwards commanded the Railroads in the Tn area before being selected
by Sherman as his Chief of Staff for the Atlanta, Georgia and Carolina's
campaigns.  Bishop & Needles backmark of Memphis Tn..
Ultra-rare Autographed view of General George H Wagner of Franklin infamy
signed on the front by the same traveling photographer as the Garfield.
Autographed view of Thomas L Crittenden Corps commander in the Army of the
Cumberland until after Chickamauga, same photographer in the field.  
Mint condition framed Autographed cdv of General Joe Hooker.  
Spectacular Double Signed cdv of Mexican War Hero Winfield Scott dated 1863 on
the verso.  
Autographed cdv of Colonel Rush Hawkins 9th NYSM Hawkins Zouaves who served
in the IX Corps and fought mostly in the Carolina's and Virginia.  Backmark by
Gurney NY.
Autographed CDV of William F Barry who commanded Artillery in the Army of the
Potomac for most of the War.
Sharp autographed carte of Black Jack Logan of Illinois, Politician who rose to
Corps command under Grant and Sherman out West.  Later ran for Vice President
of the US.   Brady image signed on the front.  
Autographed CDV of Major General Andrew H Humphreys, served as a Division
Commander of the III Corps under Sickles and was Meade's Chief of staff  after
Gettysburg.  Backmark by Gutenkunst.  Previously mounted.