Autographed CDV of Union General George W Morgan.  Fought in the Texas War
of Independence, the Mexican War and during the Civil War saw action at
Cumberland Gap Tn, the early Kanawha campaign in WV, Vicksburg, Chickasaw
Bluffs and Fort Hindman in Arkansas.  Uncommon view.
Autographed CDV of the incomparable Winfield Scott Hancock of the Army of the
Potomac II Corps.  Presented and signed on the back to "M.W. G. No !" as Hancock
writes.  One of the Union's best Corps commanders who was seriously wounded at
Gettysburg.  Normally signed images of Hancock sell in the $1500-2000 range but
this one can be aquired much more favorably.  
Autographed CDV of General Rufus Ingalls of the Army of the Potomac.  QM
General of the army he was responsible throughout the war for keeping the army
well supplied throughout all of its major battles and campaigns.  Signed on front with
a backmark of Addis Washington.  Important member of the command of the AOP.
Autographed CDV of General Alfred Sulley.  Signed on the back in ink Alf Sulley
Brig Gen'l.  A West Point graduate he was in Fort Leavenworth at the beggining of
the War and captured St Joe's Missouri from the Confederates.  Colonel of the 1st
Minnesota Vols he was promoted to Brigadier General in 1862 after which he was
prominent in the War against the Souix in Mn.  A famed Indian Fighter and noted
Painter of the 19th Century.  Scarce. (10/13)
Autographed CDV of Union General and Congressman Frank P Blair of Missouri.  
Heavily responsible for helping to keep Missouri in the Union early in the war along
with General Nathanial Lyon who was killed at Wilson's Creek in 1861.  Blair saw
action at Vicksburg, Chattanooga, Atlanta and the March to the Sea.  Rarely seen
in autographed images.  Backmark by Fredericks.  7/15
Rare view of Sherman taken while escorting the Body of Lincoln back to Springfield
Ma.  Shown seated writing at table and autographed on the verso by Fassett's
Chicago.  Part of the set of Generals which acted as Lincoln's Honor guard while
the body was moved around the country.   Signed WT Sherman Maj General.  Neat.
Autographed CDV of Major General Christopher Columbus Andrews of Minnesota.  
Captain and later Colonel of the 3rd Minnesota Vols, he was taken POW at
Murfreesboro in 1862,  appointed Brigadier General in 1/64 and was breveted
Major General for his actions in the assault on Fort Blakely Al in 1865.  Served in
the Grant Administration as Minister to Sweden and Norway.  Signed on the Verso
"Yours truly CC Andrews Bvt Major General".  Very scarce in signed images.  
Autographed CDV of IX Corps Commander John G Parke.  West Point class of
1849, made BG of vols in 1861,  fighting at Roanoke Island, New Bern and Fort
Macon with the IX Corps and Burnside's NC expedition.  Commanded a Division at
South Mtn, and Antietam, made Major General in 1862.  Promoted to Burnsides
Chief of Staff in 11/62,  Commanded the Corps at Vicksburg and Knoxvilled Tn  
Promoted by Grant to take over for Burnside after the Crater Fiasco.  A period
comment on him "a very pleasant looking man and liked by apparently by
everyone"   Anthony/Brady bm.  
Autographed CDV of Union General Joseph Dana Webster, served as Grant's chief
of staff at Forts Henry, Donelsonville, and Shiloh where he was responsible for
setting up a line of artillery that stabilized the battle on the first day at Pittsburg
landing.  Afterwards commanded the Railroads in the Tn area before being selected
by Sherman as his Chief of Staff for the Atlanta, Georgia and Carolina's
campaigns.  Bishop & Needles backmark of Memphis Tn..
Rare view of General Alexander M McCook and staff autographed by McCook on
the front.  Taken while in Washington in 1864 and noted while defending
Washington from Early's attack.  Officers are 1. a surgeon un-named, 2. Major
Caleb Bates, 3. Capt. Auchnerly, 4. General McCook, 5. Lt Col Juiius Hayden USA,
6. Capt Frank Davies ADC.  Unpublished view of this Corps commander who took
much of the blame for the debacle at Chickamauga though not entirely of his own
fault.  First time I have seen that he had a role in Washinton against Early's
campaign also!
Ultra-rare Autographed view of the Highest Ranking Union Officer to be killed during
the Civil War, Major General James B McPherson who was killed in the battle of
Atlanta.  Rarely ever seen in autographed like this one.  Backmark of Barr & Young
Army Photographers Vicksburg Ms.
Ultra-rare Double Autographed CDV of Major General Joseph Mansfield who was
killed while leading the XII Corps into the North Woods at Antietam.  Anthony Brady
bm signed on both sides.  Only the 3rd Autographed Mansfield I have ever seen.
Autographed CDV of  Brigadier General John C Tidball, one of the Union's most
famed artillerists during the War.  Photographer Vaughn imprint on front and signed
on the back.  "Tidball served all through the Civil War, being brevetted five times for
gallant and meritorious conduct on the field, and being complimented personally by
President Abraham Lincoln for his work at the Battle of Gettysburg, where he was in
command of the Second Brigade Horse Artillery under MG Alfred Pleasonton. He
served in most of the major campaigns in the Eastern Theater, from the First Battle
of Bull Run through the Siege of Petersburg.  At the outbreak of hostilities, he
ranked as a first lieutenant and section chief in Captain William F. Barry's Company
A, 2nd Regiment of Artillery. After Barry's promotion, Tidball was promoted to
captain and became the company commander. Tidball served with his "flying"
battery as part of the famed U.S. Horse Artillery Brigade from its inception in 1861
until June 1863. With slow advancement in the ranks of the regular United States
Army (especially in the artillery branch), Tidball sought higher responsibilities
elsewhere, by accepting a commission in the U.S. Volunteers.  He was appointed
colonel of the 4th New York Artillery in August 1863, and commanded the artillery of
the II Corps of the Army of the Potomac during the Overland Campaign, including
the Battle of the Wilderness. He was commandant of cadets at West Point from July
through September 1864, and then returned to the field, leading the artillery of the
IX Corps from October 1864 until April 1865 in the Appomattox Campaign. He
became a brigadier general of volunteers and a brevet major general in 1865."  
Rarely seen officer.
Autographed cdv of Colonel Rush Hawkins 9th NYSM Hawkins Zouaves who served
in the IX Corps and fought mostly in the Carolina's and Virginia.  Backmark by
Gurney NY.
.Important signed image of Horato Wright as Commander of the Union VI Corps
which he assumed after Sedgwick had been killed at the battle of Spottsylvania CH
in 1863.  Backmark by Goldin Washington DC.  (9/13)
Autographed view of General David Hunter by Brady.  Fought in the Carolina's and
in the Valley.  Also one of the Trial commissioners in the Lincoln Assasination trial.  
Brady view and signed on front boldy.
Autographed view of General John Rawlins, Grant's Chief of staff by Brady.  
Interestingly enough Rawlins signs this "Jno A Rawlins, Brig Gen'l Chief of Staff
Armies USA"  noting the importance of being the Commander in Chief's chief of
Staff.  Have never seen this title before.  Scarce.  
Autographed CDV of William F Barry who commanded Artillery in the Army of the
Potomac for most of the War.
Ultra-rare Autographed CDV of famed Indian Fighter and Union General George
Crook.  Backmark by Morse's Gallery of the Cumberland and signed on the back.  
Your truly George Crook Brig Gen'l US Vols.  First signed image of this famous
personage I have every seen!  Noted for commanding cavalry in the Valley in 1864
and fighting the Souix and Apache out West.
Sharp autographed carte of Black Jack Logan of Illinois, Politician who rose to
Corps command under Grant and Sherman out West.  Later ran for Vice President
of the US.   Brady image signed on the front.  
Double signed and presented on the back CDV of William Rosecrans commander of
the Army of the Cumberland for 1862-3 till he lost his mind after the battle of
Chickamauga.  Nichols St Louis bm.
Autographed image of George McClellan by Gardner.  Nicely signed with rank as
Major Gen USA which normally you do not see on his signed images.  Some water
staining at top which factors into the price.  (10/13)
Ultra-Rare autographed  CDV of Colonel and Brigadier General Pleasant A
Hackleman.  Colonel 16th Iowa Infantry killed at the Battle of Corinth Ms on 10/3/62.  
Rarely ever seen and this one is signed.  Argus Ogborn collection.
Autographed CDV of Major General Andrew H Humphreys, served as a Division
Commander of the III Corps under Sickles and was Meade's Chief of staff  after
Gettysburg.  Backmark by Gutenkunst.  Previously mounted.
Boldy autographed CDV of Union General Egbert Vielle by Brady.  West Point clas
of 1847, fought in the Mexican War as an Engineer, helped design Central Park in
Manhatten and Prospect Park in Brooklyn NY prewar, Captain of Engineers in the
7th NYSM, Brigadier General in 1861 seeing action at Fort Pulaski Ga, and the
Savanah River, commanded Norforlk Va in 1862 and resigned the army to Engineer
as a Civilian in 1863.  Served in Congress.  Has the most imposing tomb at West
Point of all the Civil War Generals including a line with a bell to the Supt's office in
case he was buried by mistake (true story).  Brady bm.
Autographed view of General Ambrose Burnside in an early war pose by Appleton.  
Ultra-rare early War view as a Major General of Ulysses S Grant autographed on
the front.  Rarely ever seen in this view with no photographer attribution but from
life.  Very Rare.
Another autographed view of a scarce Western General John McArthur of Illinois a
General in Thomas's army of the Cumberland.  Signed on front with his famous
scotch beret.  Barr and Young Vicksburg Army Photographers.  Scarce also.