1889 New Jersey GAR Ribbon by Hugh Irish at Camp 120.  
Patterson NJ.
9th Reunion of the 11th New Jersey Vols at Westminster
Church 1891 III Corps.
24th Reunion of the Society of Kearny's 1st NJ Brigade, 1905
25th Reunion of the Society of Kearny's 1st NJ Brigade 1906.
Phil Kearny on the badge.
43rd Encampment of the NJ GAR Long Branch NJ 1910.
President Garfield on badge
Brass Infantry Hat horn.  Two loops on back for attachment to
Brass enlisted man's cavalry sword belt plate.  MFG by
Pettibone Bros of Cincinnati OH.  
Scarce Union Corps Badge for the XV Amry Corps showing
the famed 40 rounds motif.  Inexpensive metal that someone
tried to clean, though it is toning again naturally.  Scarce.  
Wonderful Silver large I/V Corps Corps Badge belonging to
Captain Josiah B Lauffer of Pennsylvania.  Served in the 14th
Pa Infantry from 4/61-8/61 as a Sergent,  as Captain in the
168th Pa Vols from 11/62-7/63 and as Captain in the 11th Pa
Infantry from 4/64-5/65 during which he was wounded at the
battle of Five Forks.  The 11th Pa was in both the I Corps and
the V Corps as noted by the Iron Cross in the Oval circle.  
Large size, roughly 1.5 inch's in diameter and nicely toned.  
Silver and Gold Corps badges are highly prized by collectors.