1/9th Plate Ambrotype of Private Thomas or Peter Fisher Jr of Bigelow's
Battery 9th Massachusetts Light Artillery per an old slip attached to the
case which it comes in.
Very interesting 6th Plate Ambrotype of a Union Soldier shown seated
smoking a Pipe.  Gilting on his has may denote a 2nd Corps badget.  
Has rouged cheeks and a wedding ring on his hand.  Slight chip in the
image and a hairline crack, but very detailed and sharp.  Comes in half
of a seperated case.
Extremely sharp 1/6 plate Ruby Ambrotype of a Union Major or Colonel.  
Very sharp and rarely seen at this rank.  Comes in a half Case.  
Very rare Sixth Plate Ruby Ambro of a Union Colonel or Major.  Rarely
do you ever see hard images of officers this high ranking.  Tough
looking pose.  Extremely sharp view.  Comes in a seperated Half Case.